TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2 (Netflix)

Heroes for Hire! Daughters of the Dragon! Sweet Christmas, Luke Cage is back! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Season 2 picks up several months after the Defenders. Luke is the […]

Heroes for Hire! Daughters of the Dragon! Sweet Christmas, Luke Cage is back!

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Season 2 picks up several months after the Defenders. Luke is the self-proclaimed hero of Harlem. The only two problems are it’s doesn’t pay and Luke isn’t exactly thrilled with his new celebrity status. So what’s a hero to do?

While that is going on, Mariah is back to her old tricks. To the public, she’s a councilwoman that’s trying to make Harlem a better place. Out of the public eye, she’s a gunrunner. Everything is going great with her until her past comes back to haunt her.

Now with Harlem being turned into a war zone, Luke has no choice but to protect Mariah. But will saving Mariah cost him his own soul?

I just have to say WOW! Season 2 of Luke Cage is even more amazing than season 1. Huge amount of character development here. 

Mike Colter just really owns this character. While this isn’t a true comic book accurate version of Luke Cage, it’s one that works extremely well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Colter plays Cage with a huge amount of restraint and intelligence. Colter is just suited for this role. He’s been doing an excellent job and season 2 is no exception. 

Alfre Woodard returns as Mariah, and she really does that woman you love to hate so well. She plays the victim when she needs to and the boss at other times. There is definitely more spotlight on her this season.

Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, really does a great job again. If you remember in Defenders, Misty had her right arm cut off. This tough as nails detective doesn’t let a little thing like that stop her at all. It’s something she needs to overcome but not hinder her.

The other villain this season is the Jamaican gangster known as Bushmaster. Mustafa Shakir does an incredible job giving this character depth, not just one-dimensional. Bushmaster is the perfect foil for Cage. Their scenes together aren’t just fighting, but also debating ideologies. Excellent work. 

13 episodes and this season had me hooked. Like the first season, the landscape of Harlem and music play huge rolls. It’s extremely important for the narrative in Luke Cage. 

I have to tell you but out of this season, episode 10 is definitely my favorite. This episode was my “fanboy moment”. I don’t want to say anything so not to give it away, but it’s something comic fans have been waiting for. 

At the end of this season, you’ll be wanting more sooner than later. 

Netflix and Marvel have shown that this is the right direction for this little section of the Marvel cinematic universe.

All episodes of Marvel’s Luke Cage will debut on Netflix on June 22nd.

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