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Let me begin with saying that I’m a Marvel fan at heart, but I was tasked a job to review some DC animated films. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Some […]

Let me begin with saying that I’m a Marvel fan at heart, but I was tasked a job to review some DC animated films.

Some were good, some were excellent. The TV shows were outstanding. But the latest movie The Death of Superman really captured the comic feel in animated form. I love every minute of it and loved the way it set up a sequel. The Animation was well done, the voice actors were awesome (I love the way the justice league was involved, unlike Superman: Doomsday or the animated series which feature Doomsday).

So, the death of Superman had everything the comic did and more. And the way Superman passed away is different from the movie too. And the credits also did like to comics and set up the next movie in line which is Reign of Supermen. This is a must see for all and any DC fan. I also had gotten the special edition which included a mini figure of Superman in ripped clothes.

The special features are:

  • A sneak peek at DC Universe next animated movie “Reign of the Supermen” Jim Krieg screenwriter, Tim Sheridan screenwriter, Jeff Brown EVP Gen Mgr. Warner Home Video, Sam Liu Director, Cameron Monaghan Superboy, Mike Carlin Creative Dir. Animation-DC Ent., Cress Williams John Henry Irons/Steel, Jerry O’Connell Superman/Cyborg Superman, Wes Gleason Voice Director, Rebecca Romijn Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson Lex Luthor, Nathan Fillion Green Lantern/Hal Jordan where everyone talks about the upcoming movie.;
  • The Death of Superman: the brawl that topped them all Mike Carlin Creative Dir. Animation-DC Ent., Jon Bogodanove artist superman: Man of steel, Jake Castorena Co-director, Christian Medina 3rd Degree black belt-Krav Maga/Black belt-Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, the panel talks about how this was the greatest fight ever for Superman;
  • From the dc comic vault Legion of superheroes season 2 Dark victory part 1&2 is the season 2 finally where the legion has to fight Brainiac 5.
  • And trailers: Batman Ninja: which I did a review for and Suicide Squad Hell to Pay: another movie which I reviewed.

Clark Kent / Superman: Jerry O’Connell, Lois Lane: Rebecca Romijn, Lex Luthor: Rainn Wilson, Diana Prince / Wonder Woman: Rosario Dawson, Hal Jordan / Green Lantern: Nathan Fillion, Barry Allen / Flash: Christopher Gorham, Arthur Curry / Aquaman: Matt Lanter, Victor Stone / Cyborg: Shemar Moore, Martian Manhunter: Nyambi Nyambi, Bruce Wayne / Batman: Jason O’Mara, Mayor Booker: Jonathan Adams, Silas Stone: Rocky Carroll, Bruno Mannheim, Dabney Donovan: Trevor Devall, Jonathan “Pa” Kent: Paul Eiding, Hank Henshaw: Patrick Fabian, Martha “Ma” Kent: Jennifer Hale, Bibbo Bibbowski: Charles Halford, Mercy Graves: Erica Luttrell, Jimmy Olsen: Max Mittelman, Cat Grant: Toks Olagundoye, Dan Turpin: Rick Pasqualone, Maggie Sawyer: Amanda Troop, John Henry Irons: Cress Williams

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