Comic Review: Justice League #6 (DC Comics)

Earth is possessed by the Ultraviolet spectrum which is influenced by Sinestro, Grodd has trapped The Flash into the still force, unable to access his link to the speed force! […]

Earth is possessed by the Ultraviolet spectrum which is influenced by Sinestro, Grodd has trapped The Flash into the still force, unable to access his link to the speed force!

Meanwhile, Batman, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Wonder Woman are all out of commision, and Superman and Martian Manhunter are controlled by Lex Luthor and the Joker. As the earth crumbles under the immense pressure of its own darkest desires, Cyborg holds a last line of defense, protecting John Stewart (Green Lantern) from the threats that control earth’s entire population! As Lex Luthor reaches for his prize that lay within the totality, something lurks in the shadows. What lies beyond the Totality? Can the League regroup in time to prevent Luthor from executing the final stage of his plan!? Find out in Justice League issue 6!!!!!

Much like issue 5, Snyder really finds his groove in this current issue, which is slightly Joker focused in theme. Snyder finally bridges a ton of stuff together, with all of the moving parts in the plot finally clicking into place! There are some odd moments in regards to Batman’s dialogue “So here I am. Hi. Now I’m going to hurt you.” It just seems a little weird to hear Batman talk like that. It’s a sentence that one could imagine Green Arrow or Nightwing would say, but from Batman, it just kinda came off a little out of place. But that doesn’t prevent the book from being an exciting thrill ride. The coolest thing about this issue is the theme that this entire arc has focused on, which is an acknowledgment of fears and mistakes, and the acceptance of all of those fears. In a way, looking at this issue, it almost felt like there is a parallel to the five stages of grief. Maybe I’m looking way too much into it, but that is something that I felt was kind of reflected in this issue, which is great! Because the best stories aren’t about triumph, but more or less focused on the struggles that lead to triumph and shape us all into who we are what is to come from it.

Snyder does a great job, realizing that despite all of the fantastical situations that surround the Justice League, internally, their thoughts and emotions, feel like real people, with real problems and insecurities that they have to iron through like any other human being. That is the comics greatest strength, which is taking those personal elements and making them parallel to the larger than life elements of this story, making it an enjoyable read.

Now last issue, Doug Mahnke came into fill-in art duties for issue 5, which was a Lex Luthor focused issue, which was fantastic in terms of the tone of that issue. But man is it great to see Jorge Jimenez back for issue 6!!!!!!!!! I truly feel that Jorge Jimenez is perfect for this book, and Snyder and Jimenez make a great writer/artist duo that matches up with the level of energy that Snyder has with Greg Capullo. Each page is just gorgeous and amazing to look at! Jimenez’s rendition of the Joker looks fantastic, but one of my favorite pages has to be pages 8, 11, 12 and 15. Those pages literally made me grin, and left me shocked, excited and surprised all at once! I didn’t expect for Snyder to write a moment, nor for Jimenez to draw a moment that left me surprised by the insanity that was executed really well in those pages and within this issue! Sanchez’s colors really play a large role in this issue and every other issue prior. I feel that I have to mention how important those colors that Sanchez used in the accompaniment of Jimenez’s pencils really make the book flair the way it is and showcases the level of quality that this book lives up to. Napolitano’s lettering fits right along with the entirety of the book, blending the dialogue and art nicely together in sync and in harmony for the readers to get a perfectly balanced read.

Justice League issue 6 is a fantastic issue that really pushes the book forward in a lot of surprising ways. Just when you think Snyder would be tapped out of ideas, he finds new ways to do something fresh and exciting for characters that have been around for 80 plus years. Snyder, Jimenez, and Company are bringing their very best on this book, and it would be a shame for you guys to miss out. Add this to your pull list for new comic book Wednesday, because I think this issue really pushes the story forward, making it worthwhile to stay on board for the next installment.

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