Comic Review: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons #1 (IDW)

IDW Comics brings you a crossover of Adult Swim’s show Rick and Morty, but now it’s Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons on its first issue. I’m a little […]

IDW Comics brings you a crossover of Adult Swim’s show Rick and Morty, but now it’s Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons on its first issue.

I’m a little bit more surprised and clear that this is the first time that Rick and Morty gets a crossover of this series. So instead of scientific paranormal adventures, we get some of the classic role-playing game of dice, paper, and plastic. But instead the whole dungeons and dragons game takes you to a real adventure. So how in the Pickle Rick gets to have some inspiration from an awesome tabletop role-playing game? Even though, the series is still Sci-Fi now it turned into a fantasy world of myths and monsters, but we still get the usual Rick and Morty adventure feel.

This isn’t the first time that Rick and Morty go to a fantasy RPG world, but there was one episode the Morty took Rick to an awesome fantasy world. If I were Rick I would imagine saying to Morty like “let’s do this Morty! Let’s go for an adventure! Rick and Morty style! Rick and Morty traveling to D&D!” yadda, yadda, yadda. So anyway, the story began when everyone is highly addicted to any medieval and fantasy kinds of hobbies, including Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone what Morty sees to these people gets laid back for going through for such a hobby. It goes with the dice, the fantasy books, the chart, magic, everything. So he’s willing to learn how to play D&D in order to keep up with the cool kids, just until he asked to Rick about the Dungeons and Dragons era and gets him granted and began to teach Morty how to play D&D, but what the hell was that about, everyone even his grandpa is overly obsessed with that game, well I never played that game before so what do I know.

But we do know back then it was dice, plastic, and paper, but now Rick takes Morty to another world which everything is almost resembled like a gamer had played an MMORPG before. Then again, they went to the D&D world using some kind of brain nerve headset or something to enter the game, and let me tell you: this comic makes Sword Art Online and Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains look like something more surprising, and look like it has some technical issues, they come across to another fantasy world and Morty screwed up by stabbing Rick by accident thinking like he’s trying to play the traditional one like rolling a die. Then again, just like the other review of Space Boy by Stephen McCrannie, if I were to have something like that should I be playing another MMORPG for a few hours until my brain gets fried or illuminated? I don’t know, but one way to find out.

Going through with some other famous Rick and Morty episodes, they just go through with their adventure, and almost get killed, cheats deaths and many more. But in this crossover, we get a lot of cross-references of D&D. I don’t even know why this title is called “Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons and Dragons.” Do they have something against with that old school role-playing game? Of course, it would be boring, but would rather read an actual D&D published by IDW rather than playing a simple board game. But as for this crossover, this is actually the first time that the Rick and Morty series gets collaborated with one of the most old school board game that ever existed. But it’s amazing that instead of the show, the Rick and Morty series goes on to this day, even a comic like this one. And I can’t wait for the second issue to come, and somehow I look forward if IDW makes a Pickle Rick comic, that would be great. If you rather want to look up some of the most amazing Rick and Morty adventures, then this is for you.

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