Comic Review: The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part 3 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics releases another sequel in the Avatar series and the third part of the Turf Wars in The Legend of Korra. Some time has passed since the last […]

Dark Horse Comics releases another sequel in the Avatar series and the third part of the Turf Wars in The Legend of Korra.

Some time has passed since the last battle against Kuvira and her forces, even though the viewers experienced some eavesdropping afterward. But the art is not actually made by Gurihiru, oh no, it was illustrated by Irene Koh, and well detailed with the art. Anyway, before this sequel came out, the fans were mostly curious about what happened afterward when Korra and Asami stepped into the spirit world.

In fact, it’s not as simple as you think where that story took a long, but I might have to start after the battle with Zaheer. Ever since Korra was infected with the metal poison that was stuck inside of her body and spent the last two years at the South Pole, she wrote a letter to Asami because she would think that she’s the only one that she can trust her. Even so the relationship was very deep up to Kuvira’s battle, however, a portal created by Korra sending her and Kuvira and came back alive from the spirit world. It was just another spirit portal that was created from the heart of Republic City, combining together with her Avatar and the Spirit root powers. The first thing Korra did once she defeated Kuvira and her forces, she and Asami went to the portal for a short vacation, then they went through another adventure between those two, and after that, they literary became a couple. But on what purpose? All I know is that they’re together now since they were friends and now a romantic couple. It’s not even a figure of speech but more like foreshadowing because I don’t even know what happened between the two at the final episode until this sequel came out. But no, it just happened recently when Korra started dating Asami and they looked happy. I mean this isn’t any fan fiction shit, no one made this up but the creator itself, what everything according to the story goes against the laws of nature. This comic is not even for kids anymore, this is actually for older teens and adults.

After their vacation, they went back to Republic City and the first thing that women saw is some airbenders are protesting from someone who’s trying to take over the spirit portal in order to build an amusement park which he never knew that the spirits are residing that area. Some time has passed after Korra defeated Kuvira. Bolin started working with the police as Mako’s temporary partner, Zhu Li is setting a competition with President Raiko for some election, the triple-threats has a new leader and fights like Jet, but unfortunately dealt with collateral damage by some evil spirit, and Raiko is still a douche, even though I have no further comments about him because he nearly ruined Republic City, and he’s nothing but a tyrant with his “the safety of the people and the city” which he’s done nothing at all but to blame Korra over for her careless actions, some president he was. So anyway, Korra is fighting against the triple threats just in order to keep the portal under control and to keep the spirits safe with the help of her friends. Then after the battle was over, Zhu Li became the next president because of her heroic action between the people and saving some child during the attack, I mean ZHU LI, of all people she literary became Republic City’s new leader. Well, we expect with the next election when the time comes when Donald Trump is out of commission, we need a better leader, not a clown and a tyrant.

The series left such a promising conclusion, even though I have the fact how and why Zhu Li became president and having self-control from someone from the southern water tribe who kept going with “do the thing!” However, the relationship between Korra and Asami is like you’re reading a lot of fan fiction. All I do know about fan fiction is more like this…. you mix this series with the first Avatar series, then you have a crossover series but in an awkward way, there. Have you ever witnessed anyone from the Avatar series who comes up with all this dramatic story before? Well yeah, not to mention on The Last Airbender, Aang and Katara kissed when they were young and so does Sokka and Zuko kissed the girls twice, but now on this sequel, Korra and Asami kissed together in the spirit world and in Republic City, twice, but everyone in the city even her parents were ok with that, because who cares? I mean, is it legal to write something like this?

Anyway, the story is much more in action than having all the drama, but the artist is so much different from the show, but almost a letdown, but this comic is not for kids anymore. As much I want to see the illustrations, I rather have Gurihiru’s illustrations on this rather than Irene Koh, because the last few graphic novels of Avatar that I’ve read is much more real and similar to the animated version, and it’s much more stunning and easier for any reader to follow. However on every Avatar animated series turned to have more of a positive sense for children and teens. The Legend of Korra series was the most epic animated show of all time in Nickelodeon, but their lead of this graphic novel from Dark Horse has led to somewhat neutral to the whole series. Will kids ever read this? No, because it would affect their minds to know this comic has some such pleasure between women or is it what they call ‘bisexual’? Korra and Asami were actually in a romantic relationship, I mean what am I saying? I really don’t care anymore I’m no fan of some romantic stuff.

So that’s the story of Legend of Korra, but will come next? The Avatar series had too many sequels that include the show, the comics, and video games, and some prequels which include Avatar Wan and Avatar Roku, which direction could the series go after this? Well after a few years for watching one my favorite childhood animated shows, my expectations are soaring into heavens and I can’t wait for another Avatar series to come. This is where the excitement began, I browsed over twitter and there it was “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix and made by one of the writers of Avatar, I would expect for a release date, but I’ll give a thought of reviewing the series when it comes out. So if you rather wanted to read another sequel, then start reading this graphic novel on all three part of the Turf Wars, and you’ll know exactly what I really mean about this.

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