Voiceover Acting Hopefuls Rejoice! Blumvox Studios/Steve Blum inaugurates Live-Coaching Advanced Class tonight!

Award-winning VO Actor Steve Blum Expands Popular Voiceover Curriculum to Include Live Course for Serious Actors ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Blumvox Studios, host to one of today’s most comprehensive […]

Award-winning VO Actor Steve Blum Expands Popular Voiceover Curriculum to Include Live Course for Serious Actors

Blumvox Studios, host to one of today’s most comprehensive programs for voiceover acting, inaugurates its Live Coaching Advanced Class tonight with award-winning actor Steve Blum at the helm of the cutting-edge online course.

The Live Coaching Advanced Class, geared specifically for serious actors looking to take their career to the next level, will start at 6:30pm PST on Wednesday, August 8, 2018.  Actors wishing to participate can go to https://www.blumvoxstudios.com/advanced-training/ to apply and register. Space in the Live Coaching Advance Class is limited, and early registration is recommended for potential participants.

As an advanced part of Blumvox’s Webinar Teaching Series, tonight’s Live Coaching class was created to help address the real-time issues actors encounter in studio and throughout their occupation, including open opportunity to discuss all creative, technical and industry questions.

A respected member of the voice acting community, Steve Blum has seemingly covered every known form of voiceover work – from animation and anime to videogames and commercial employment. Along the route, he has garnered a loyal following among industry colleagues and fans alike. Blum is well known for his roles as Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, Starscream in Transformers Prime, Zeb Orrelios in Star Wars Rebels, TOM in Toonami, and Wolverine in the X-Men animated television series and films. He holds the prestigious title of Most Prolific Voice Actor in Videogame History, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

“I’m proud to say Blumvox Studios has already helped the careers of hundreds of aspiring artists by providing unique, practical advice and insight into the competitive world of voiceover acting,” says Blum. “Live Coaching is another distinct opportunity for up-and-coming actors to interact and confer with a professional to benefit by their experience in the field, offering guidance not normally found in most voiceover courses. There’s always room for growth, and the Live Coaching aspect is an excellent tool for actors of all levels, and available online – so you can attend from anywhere in the world.”

Blum will personally provide the coaching during the session, which will be hosted in a Live Q&A setting with no set curriculum. The session will be built around the participants’ needs, curiosities and questions, resulting in a deeply personal experience for all participants.

Requirements for participating in the Live Coaching Session include:

  • Must have acting experience
  • Must have a USB Microphone (or other microphone with USB interface for *Zoom)
  • Must be open and willing to be coached in a group setting
  • Must B.Y.O.C. (“Bring Your Own Copy” – please have a digital copy available)
  • Must have a computer with access to *Zoom Video Communications https://zoom.us/

Featured among the many benefits of membership in Blumvox Studios’ courses are a 90-minute Elite Group Coaching Session each month, in which Blum will address fine-tuning demo reel voices, tips for upcoming real-world auditions, and advice regarding interactions with directors, VO actors and industry professionals; and access to the Blumvox Studios Facebook Group, where actors can share their reels, videos, promos and headshots for feedback from Blum and the Blumvox Facebook Community. In addition, Blum participates in Facebook Live sessions each month to provide immediate consultation.

Blumvox Studios provides a tentpole of informative voiceover courses for actors of all levels. From beginners through seasoned professionals, Blum and his team help actors understand the over-arching requirements and nuanced approaches to one of the most popular and competitive regimens of the acting profession. The courses reflect Blum’s organic, all-encompassing approach to acting, and include a website filled with instructive and anecdotal information, twice-monthly live webinars, personalized consultation and the VoiceMonkey Dispatch, an impressive monthly multimedia newsletter.

Blumvox Studios website: https://www.blumvoxstudios.com/

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