Comic Review: Justice League #10 (DC Comics)

After the wonderful breather story of issue 9, The Justice League begin their search for the mysteries that lie within the depths of the Arctic Circle and beyond! Aquaman, Wonder […]

After the wonderful breather story of issue 9, The Justice League begin their search for the mysteries that lie within the depths of the Arctic Circle and beyond!

Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Firestorm investigate the remaining clues that were left behind by Poseidon prior to his end at the hands of the Legion of Doom. Meanwhile Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter scout the mysteries of the Totality and its connections to the world of Thannagar Prime. As the rest of the heroes scatter in search for answers, Batman continues his investigation of Starman and his connection to the chain of events that have been set in motion by the Totality.

As the League scavenges for answers in various parts of the world along with the cosmos, what will they all discover in their respective journeys? What information did Starman have that Luthor deemed important to take? With the source wall broken, and Poseidon, what horror lies in the depths of the Arctic circle along with the vastness of space? The Justice League are gonna be in for one heck of a tide as the Drowned Earth saga begins!!

This was an issue full of strong set up that provides some promising developments for all the major players in this title. It’s interesting that just when readers think there wouldn’t be anything more to explore with the Justice League, (most notably Wonder Woman and Aquaman), that there would be something that reads as a plausible and welcomed addition to the myths of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Snyder has a good knack of adding bits and pieces of history into the characters that he writes, and the Justice League is no exception.

Snyder writes with a clear vision and direction, setting readers up to speed about prior events while introducing new threats that prove interesting, and providing an issue that proves to be a good jumping on point for readers who are dropping into the new story arc. Obviously, this issue is more focused on Aquaman and Wonder Woman since this issue delves deeper into the mysteries of the Source Wall and how it’s fallout (in JL: No Justice) ties into the depths of the oceans that reflect the oceans of the vast universe. I really enjoy the chemistry between the pairs of leaguers and how they compliment and contrast with each other. And this issue is a strong indicator of that as Snyder explores these different personalities and situations that the League is facing. EspThe new villains that arrive in this issue are imposing, and intimidating especially In regards to their abilities and how it tests the powers of some of the leaguers.

Manapuls artwork looks amazing with detailed and carefully paneled pages that really make the book pop with color which is nothing new yet incredibly effective which is what makes his artwork great. Napolitano’s letter work are well placed amongst all the artwork making it fitting in regards to placement aside from the overall visual aesthetic “l

I really enjoy the armor batman wears, which may make readers think that it could be a subtle homage to his armor in the Elseworlds tale Kingdom Come which is a cool detail whether intentional or not. There we some little cute moments like the pages returning familiar faces and giving them room to flourish in the right parts that are appropriate to each pair if the league. I definitely recommend this issue of Justice League for new comic book Wednesday since if promises new developments that will have readers speculating for weeks to come.

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