Toy Review: The One:12 Collective Iron Man: Armor Model 42 Edition (Mezco)

Hauntober continues with Mezco’s Fall exclusive Invincible Iron Man There are not many people left who do not know who Iron Man is because of the Marvel Universe Films. His […]

Hauntober continues with Mezco’s Fall exclusive Invincible Iron Man

There are not many people left who do not know who Iron Man is because of the Marvel Universe Films. His First appearance was in 1963 issue 39 of Tales of Suspense then received his own series in 1968. Multiple Films leader of the Avengers He ranks up there with some of the known comic book heroes of today.

Mezco releases the Fall Exclusive Gold and Black armor 42 edition.  This addition was meant to test new technology out but eventually with some upgrades found its way into battle a time or two.  There will also be two other versions the PX Blue exclusive, and the Mezco red and gold version.

There are quite a few unique features of this figure. The body has metal components giving it the true Iron Man Armor feel. This makes the figure much heavier and a bit harder to hold the flying pose, but one out of thousands of poses isn’t enough to discourage us, collectors. The mask is removable revealing Tony’s face (was hoping for a Downy Jr face) not a lot to say about his face it lacks a little something in detail but again not enough to discourage collectors. Three sets of hands posing which I used for holding his mask, fist well it’s obvious to knock out some bad guys, lastly blasting/flying set speaks for itself. Finally, the best feature of all is the light up arc reactor chest piece which also includes chest beam repulser.

Accessories are great they include two removable hip disc rocket firing effects, Rocket launching gauntlets, two repulsor hand beams, two hand, and foot boosters and the base decked out in Iron Man colors and design to finish off the experience.

Since my first One:12  purchase of the Dark Knight Exclusive in 2015 at San Diego Comic-Con I have continued to increase the size of my collection and have yet to find a bad figure in the bunch.  This has been my go-to collection and for the price is very easy on your pockets not to mention the size allows me to expand the collection without worries of lack of space. Mezco’s One: 12 collective proves time and again that they have become one of the action figure powerhouses and the hope is they will expand the number of figures released as well since they have become a sought-after collectible.  For those who know me know I am a DC fan, however, with that said Mezco is turning me to the dark side and I secretly am enjoying the Marvel line as well. Well, guess that’s not a secret anymore lol.

This is a hot product and sold quickly. If you were lucky enough to get one this was money well spent. If you couldn’t or are not willing to spend a little extra don’t worry as I said before there are two more versions coming but never give up on this one either there is a waitlist on their site. Thank you Mezco Toyz for allowing us to review your products.  You put the thrill in collecting again as well.

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