Comic Review: Outpost Zero Vol. 1 (Image)

Image Comics releases a Sci-Fi graphic novel which contains the smallest town in the universe which is Outpost Zero on its first volume. Whenever I see the comic which would […]

Image Comics releases a Sci-Fi graphic novel which contains the smallest town in the universe which is Outpost Zero on its first volume.

Whenever I see the comic which would be a decent Sci-Fi comic to read, but it’s about some kids living in the smallest town in space. I get that, but it’s like seeing a fish tank with some coral reefs and some fishes living in there. But this comic is like playing a game of cat and mouse, either way, there’s a small town inside a dome that makes it an artificial town with fake daylight.

The story takes place on another planet in another universe, and there a small town protected by the space-traveling dome called the “Genship.” It’s an icy planet where no one ever lives there, but it’s too random to say that some earthlings built a dome and a town to live there. It kinda reminds me of Space Boy where these two children lived in a spaceport before, but after that, it was complicated for them. There were some kids named Alea and Steven who spent their lives living inside that dome in their normal lives, just until they have a thought that all of this is not real, the sky, the town, the food that they eat. How would anyone survive in that contraption? Then, Steven went outside of the dome and got killed himself by some storm on that icy planet which would make it suicidal for him. He just wants to know what the outside world is like, to make himself free. Alea however, has to figure things out for Steven’s disappearance, and thought that Sam knows about all of that because he figured out to crack the code to open the airlock. Then again, all the other parts that you’re expecting to read is nothing but a mystery-crime solving comic. But the fact is that Steven was disappeared, dead, now is up to Alea and everyone else in that dome to survive.

Surely, it’s too random to know that there are still humans alive, living in another planet. For Alea and everyone in that town needs to survive, but all it has on that dome is nothing but an artificial town and sky just like the planet Earth used to have. Even though, Earth is more of an eco-friendly planet that can produce water, dirt, and have the ability to make food, buildings and some other stuff you can think about. The dome that the humans built were constructed nothing but science. The story is something, almost similar to the other comics that I’ve read, but it holds everything for the main character for distraction, just like having a normal life for herself, even though everything seemed like the train delays where the MTA messes things up while the people wait impatiently and want to get off to their destination. The art is illustrated something realistic, except the flaws of the characters are given much in motion on what they are capable off, for me I think that the author is building a small world for these characters to live in, because some of these stories are going with some flaws on where the humans are being held, but no one knows what happened to planet Earth afterward. The characters are detailed, even they express themselves even if they spent around on outer space inside that dome. It’s strange, but it almost seemed more of a survival story. If you rather want to read a comic about something that can survive through space, then this is for you.

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