Comic Reviews: Electric Warriors #1 (DC Universe)

DC Universe presents a league of future superheroes that fight with technology and static in Electric Warriors on its first issue. Before, there was the Justice League, and then there’s […]

DC Universe presents a league of future superheroes that fight with technology and static in Electric Warriors on its first issue.

Before, there was the Justice League, and then there’s Static Shock, and then they take the Justice League WITH Static Shock and mixed it all together on a blending machine, and then you get a nice fruity drink of Electric Warriors. So it went from the past and brought a new Sci-Fi series for the future of DC Universe, and back to the future Justice League again. And just by looking at the front cover it seemed that they’ve entered Tron’s world for some reason, even the message on the front cover is “Let the Galactic Games Begin!”, I mean… is that a challenge for the readers? So let’s see how this comic turns out.

First, of, the plot of the story takes you to the future where humans and animals are living together, but somehow it began a problem when the humans and animals fight against each other. Well according to that, this is the time of the Cosmic Dark Age, where everything had turned into chaos before because of the war, then some elite group called “Electric Warriors” prevented the war and they fight to destroy evil. I mean it’s just too perfect to know that the universe has some new superheroes to protect the universe after the Great Disaster. Imagine if the earth is truly destroyed and never to be heard again about our all-time superheroes, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc. But now, there’s some mystery to that because one of the pages of the comic just includes a relic from the earth which is Superman’s cape.

So anyway, the story goes with the main character named, Ian Navarro, the brother of the famous Electric Warrior, Oscar Navarro who’s just got beaten by some animals because his appearance is much like Oscar Navarro, but to think that every other person that looks like him would actually get a beating, but no. Oscar is actually protecting the electric seed, even if it’s something that is saving other people, but Ian is concerned about his brother because what he does seem a hero, but being a hero is very risky. So, it may be a change for the brothers, but how will the Electric Warriors keep peace on their universe? What kind of relationship lasts for these two brothers?

It’s very amusing that the DC Universe is introducing the future heroes that can fight for the sake of the universe. But going through the story seemed really interesting, I think the fans might like it. The story is like no other than the usual Justice League, but DC comics just introduced the future of the Justice League. Well, it seemed like it’s another random story like TMNT and Batman. However, whenever I read the first issue, it starts with the shortest chapters in the series, from page 1 there’s chapter 1, from page 4 there’s chapter 2, and so on. I mean this is the first issue, why did it include chapters? Oh and let’s not forget about the coloring of this piece of art, it’s kinda stunning whenever you get to read this comic, it looked like some of the pages are focused on monochrome while the characters of the series interact each other. And the characters though, it’s realistic alright, but some of them you might get familiar faces throughout the comic, but the main characters are given so much action, besides the confusion between the Navarro brothers that looked exactly the same, except Ian has shorter hair that grew out of his tiny brain almost looked like Homer Simpson, while Oscar has short hair. Dunno if there’s something else to talk about, but I’ll bring it up next time because I’m looking forward to what happens on the next issue. If you rather want to read a new DC Universe series with some Justice League vibes, then this comic is for you.

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