Comic Review: Justice League #14 (DC Comics)

After the events of Drowned Earth, the world has steadily recovered after a period of time. But one uncertainty remains as the Totality, a multiversal device with the potential to […]

After the events of Drowned Earth, the world has steadily recovered after a period of time. But one uncertainty remains as the Totality, a multiversal device with the potential to save or destroy all of reality is currently in the hands of the Legion of Doom.

Desperate Batman seeks the answers that like in the mind of the comatose Starman. Meanwhile, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Stewart), and Hawkgirl arrive to Thanagar Prime seeking answers. Answers that could connect the origin of Hawkgirl’s new metal wings and it’s ties to the Totality. But the answers they seek will not be easily found as they come under the attack by the armies of Thanagar!!

What secrets lay dormant in the mind of the unconscious Starman? What will the Leaguers on Thanagar Prime discover? What secrets are the Thanagarians keeping and what will the ramifications be for the world’s greatest heroes?

Snyder and Tynion provide readers with the newest arc Escape from Hawkworld, and it leaves quite an impression especially with who Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) encounters on Hawkworld. Who she meets is a certain winged individual that was once Hawkgirl will leave readers wondering “Wait, what!? I thought they were the same character”. Thankfully Snyder and Tynion make effort to shroud such details in mystery. It’s enough reason to keep turning the pages to see what unfolds in this particular issue. What’s great as the theme for this entire issue is centered around secrets. It’s centered around the secrets that shroud Stewart (GL), Manhunter and Saunders (Hawkgirl), and the potential answers and the potential horrors that they discover as they dig deeper into the abyss for the answers that they desperately seek. The writers make it clear of the central theme and make sure to stick to it by displaying the individual and collective goals that each of the trios both seeks individually and collectively. What’s great about this issue is that it’s focused more on the space-based heroes in contrast to the earthbound heroes that were present during the Drowned Earth arc. There are some nice exchanges between familiar characters that appear in this book which helps provides some enjoyable layers between the A and B plots that occur within the title. Snyder and Tynion throw some interesting surprises and revelations that will leave readers wondering in anticipation, and amazement most especially in regards to the interesting yet complex history of Hawkgirl and Hawkman. The Thanagarian team all have great moments, most especially Hawkgirl and Manhunter making it a nice change of pace compared to the fast-paced action that occurred in the last arc. The writing is overall enjoyable, with a balance of character moments and plot development that promises for something big to come, especially in the final pages.

The collective illustrative works of Jim Cheung and Stephen Segovia are well illustrated. Although I will admit, personally while I think both illustrators works are fantastic, Segovia’s artwork left a strong impression on me given that he handled most of the A plot while Cheung handled the B plots which was minimal in comparison to the main story. The ink work by Morales is fantastic, especially on Jim Cheung’s pencils, making it crisp for the eyes to enjoy. The color work by Morey and Quintana are beautiful, especially whenever Hawkgirl displays her wings, giving off a cool energetic aura. Napolitano’s lettering does its job making sure the dialogue is placed appropriately where they need to be.

This is a very enjoyable issue that felt more refined than the likes of the last big arc. And also Jarro has a cute moment which is enough of a reason to check this issue out. Overall it’s a strong start to a new arc and is worth adding to the new comic Wednesday pull list!

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