If you’re interested in spies, set in the year 1999, this one could be for you; It’s Smooth Criminals issue 2 from BOOM Box.

As we learned in the first issue, Brenda has hacked into a newly discovered machine, and out popped Mia, a spy from the 60’s! The two young women are polar opposites, but they become fast friends and start looking into the whys and hows this all happened. How did Mia travel into the future, and what happened to the big heist she was about to pull?

This one is hitting stride with its second issue. Created and written by Kurt Lustgarten and Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith, it’s got a nice rhythm; snappy dialogue, fun scenes, and nice setups for humour and drama. It never gets TOO heavy, just enough to keep us wrapped up in the intrepid duo’s adventures.

The artwork by Leisha Riddel, with colours by Brittany Peer is growing on me. I really enjoy the deceptively simple line work. Riddel knows what to include, and what to leave out. The faces are wonderful, and expressions are dead-on. It’s whimsical but heartfelt. Nice work.

Check out this title, it has lots of potential!

BOOM Box, Smooth Criminals #2, $3.99 for 25 pages of content. Assume Teen rating

By Alan Spinney

After a career of graphic design, art direction and copywriting, I still have a passion for words and pictures. I love it when a comic book comes together; the story is tight, and the drawings lead me forward. Art with words... the toughest storytelling technique to get right. Was this comic book worth your money? Let's see!!