Comic Review: Justice League Annual #1 (DC Comics)

Now with the awakened Starman, and the League reunited, the League has one mission in mind. The mission is to fix the source wall and save the multiverse with the […]

Now with the awakened Starman, and the League reunited, the League has one mission in mind. The mission is to fix the source wall and save the multiverse with the help of the Green Lantern Corps, New Genesis, and Thanagar Prime.


Starman claims that Luthor is wrong about the universe living in Doom, but is Starman leaving out more than he letting on? What does Hawkgirl have to do with the source wall? Can the League succeed in closing the source wall? What threat awaits the league in their pursuit to save the universe?


Man! Snyder and Tynion gave readers a bit of information about Perpetua in Justice League issue 16, but in this issue, they deliver even more than anyone expected! The writers have been building up everything to this issue, with all of the developments that have transpired from the Totality to the Drowned Earth and Thanagar Prime, everything finally comes together in unexpected ways! It’s crazy to think that with all of the information that Snyder and Tynion bombarded readers with for months finally came together in a cohesive fashion that by witnessing the events that unfolded in this issue, unfolded in ways that leave readers surprised and wanting more! We get glimpses of what occurs on New Genesis, The Ghost Sector (JL Odyssey), we get to see how it affects every corner of the DC Universe and the multiverse beyond. There is so much that is left to unpack, but what is certain is the direction that the League will be heading will be a very lonely one.

From beginning to the end of this issue, all of the seeds that were planted throughout the entire Justice League run came to fruition, bearing major consequences for all of the characters involved. Every character was written respectively, and every moment was well paced. I’ll admit, Snyder is known for doing history lessons within his stories to provide exposition and context, and with this issue, we see that it pays off with all of the secrets that unravel in this issue. Starman is probably one of the most interesting characters in this issue simply because of his knowledge of the universe and what he could do. How his powers play a major role in this issue is something that you’ll have to see for yourself.

I’m very pleased with how the writers structured this story and dropped major surprises with this annual. It’s actually very fitting that they chose to reveal so much for an annual issue, making it feel like a major event for this series as it should. Without spoiling this issue, this is a very important issue that provides a lot of surprising moments and progresses the story forward in a fantastic direction that will leave readers eager to see what Snyder and Tynion have planned for this series.

The art by Daniel Sampere, coupled with the inks of Juan Albarran and the colors of Adriano Lucas make this annual issue look fantastic! When I opened the issue up I almost thought I was looking at Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, and Jason Fabook’s artwork, but when looked at the pages I knew it wasn’t them, and that wasn’t a bad thing! It goes to show that Snyder and Tynion have an amazing league of artists (see what I did there?) That really make this series shine beautifully. Sampere’s splash pages are dazzling and make each of the important moments shine as they need to. The inks by Albarran exudes sharp and crisp lines that make Sampere’s pencils stand out nicely. And the colors by Lucas does an outstanding job at making the issue flair with energy and excitement! Napolitano’s lettering is placed in all the right panels making every exchange between characters contrast nicely with Sampere’s pencils.

If there is any issue that has any importance to the rest of the DC Universe for this week, I’d say this is it. While everyone is going on about these major DC events, I feel that Snyder and Tynion’s run is a major event itself. All of the details from the 16 issues prior all pay off when need be, and they definitely pay off here in this amazing Annual issue! I definitely recommend picking up this issue for new comic book day! If there is any book that plays a major role and direction to the DC Universe, it’s this book. Check it out and add it to your pull list! It’s truly worth it!

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