Comic Review: Laguardia #2 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics releases a rebel fight of New Yorkers protesting about equal rights in Laguardia on its second issue. Alright, here we go again, but before I’m gonna start […]

Dark Horse Comics releases a rebel fight of New Yorkers protesting about equal rights in Laguardia on its second issue.

Alright, here we go again, but before I’m gonna start with the review, let’s talk about the front cover. Have you ever seen any kind of protest around in New York, sure I have which would include the protests against Donald Trump or LGBT social movement that actually supports equality. But here on this comic shows exactly like gay rights, but instead it shows that these people are protesting that the Aliens are actually equal to humans and they tend to have the right to become citizens, much more like the immigrants that are people too. And on the pregnant Future, she actually wrote it on a permanent marker as “Baby on Board”, is she getting revenge to the TSA guards from the first issue, well geez this just gotten too far for all this judgment, and the protests took place in Brooklyn Bridge which is the people are overcrowded to cross the bridge which is way too common whenever I walked through the same bridge just to go to City Hall, and a way back to the courthouse in Brooklyn from time through time. Well, I do like bridges just to see the city after all, because once you go to the bridge in New York, you’ll see a view of the river and the city, and it’s beautiful whenever you go on sunrise and sunset.

Looking at this comic is like looking at ABC7 News where every voting poll goes for “Deez Nuts” which would be a joke or would it be America’s next savior. Ok, so if we assume that this comic is actually inspired from New York, that would mean that someday humans and aliens will become equal, as the same for racial equality. The story starts when Future is burying Letme Live on the soil ground where he can live growing some weed, even so, Letme Live is more of a foreign plant than the American one because mostly these plants can be used for medicine or something, but on this comic, he’s an alien and his life is actually a mystery to him. Letme Live is just like Flowey the flower from Undertale but not really that evil from that plant or has powers to transform into a child goat, the story tells about how a plant can live longer harvesting from the ground. Then there are some other characters going towards the script, including Laundry as a squid, Payment that is a human that poses as a giraffe and Surveillance creature that looked like the green shiny Muk from Pokemon, but what is up with the name puns, are we in the Dragon Ball series?

Anyway, they all seem to be going to a protest, as I said on the front cover, then Future and his Grandma are going to “LaGuardia airport” to meet some people who seemed to be on the travel ban list, for some reason. Either way, when they got out, they start to avoid some of the press around the airport, well maybe security guards, I don’t know but how did these people are being held for discrimination? Well, it does make sense, about how twisted that these people treated the immigrants like trash, it’s injustice everywhere. And all of that is just to ask some questions about any alien blood into them. But after that, the good people are protesting that these aliens have the right to live in the US because all of this judgment and pain between humans and aliens just got too far, but now they wanted to do something to support each other to become equal to the humans and aliens. Lastly, for Future, she has a secret even her grandmother didn’t know. I would concur that all of this is just a story of immigrants in the future, but we actually never heard why she left Nigeria, but there are many ways for her to fight for herself.

Thing is, there is no end for all this judgment, even for that people are still considered that New York is for humans only, but what is the story when the humans and aliens are living and working together. Future, on the other hand, has some issues for why she left Nigeria to New York, there is a reason for that, and probably that’s how Citizen is acting that way when he’s willing to becoming a plant and wonders where did Future go. Well anyway, at the end of the comic, Tana Ford is showing how their work has gone through progress while explaining how she did it by sketching and drawing a rough draft of it and scanned to Photoshop to color it. That is something that would anyone would do if they put some drawing tutorials on Youtube or DeviantArt. And I’m surprised that Tana just included some tools for trade to have the sketch and the inking on a medium bristol board, that’s actually what every illustrator would do at this situation.

My personal thought about this comic, I don’t know what I’ve witnessed but, I didn’t expect a story like this, because New York takes a lot of judgment against immigrants, it’s inhuman. Other people and Americans expect everyone to speak English, even when I read the news about discrimination like the video that I saw from Twitter recorded by Platano Man, where a racist woman is kicking and insulting a Chinese teenager for living in New York. Even though, thanks to him, they all seem that they want to put that woman in bars because of this kind of discrimination about race. But even for this comic, takes inspiration from their experiences in New York, but I get the feeling that all of this is going to go further beyond the story. In conclusion, it’s a story that is worth to tell for the New Yorkers and immigrants because they know how they feel from all of this, and they actually have the right to live. We all want to start a new life, but you’ll never give up your hopes and dreams that you have. And actually, for this comic, I’m curious to see what happens between Citizen, Future and the baby.

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