Comic Review: Polar: Came From the Cold Vol.1 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics releases a webcomic of a famous Hitman, now turned into a graphic novel in Polar Came From the Cold on its first volume. To be honest, it’s […]

Dark Horse Comics releases a webcomic of a famous Hitman, now turned into a graphic novel in Polar Came From the Cold on its first volume.

To be honest, it’s very surprising that Dark Horse gets to produce so many webcomics from various authors like Space Boy on Webtoon. This webcomic was originally made by Victor Santos, a Spanish cartoonist who is famous for making a Spanish comic called “Los Reyes Elfos” or The Elf King as in English. Since then he’s been publishing his work throughout the globe until this webcomic came up in the US. This webcomic had been so popular, Netflix decided to adapt his work and turned into a live-action film as their original film. Now I’m far more surprised that Netflix is now making their adaptation from other artists, animators, and writers who worked on their comic and animated series just to have it licensed by Netflix. It’s amazing that they can make animations now, but a live-action film. They put it on some licensed Netflix original shows like The Dragon Prince, Castlevania, Carmen Sandiego, even that poorly live-action film of Death Note. It’s amazing that Netflix can create a lot of things which is much more like it’s giving their own tv channel. But let’s go on ahead to this comic.

The first thing that you’ll see is the art style that the artist made, it does sure fit the description to the comic, but it almost seemed like you’re reading one of the Detective Comics in the 1930s. Victor Santos literary gets to use his style which is more like graphic design, but it all seemed that his style is more black and white, rather than using a pencil to draw. The story originally is about a famous Hitman named Kaiser Black was forced out of retirement after an assassination attempt is made on his life, his whole life is dedicated to assassinating one of the top mastermind criminals and other assassins, but this time on this comic, Black Kaiser is taken on a mission on an icy country, but how he is much more merciless, he kills everyone who gets in his way, as if everyone that he met is trying to kill him.

It’s an interesting webcomic to read, but even when you read it all, you’ll find a bonus story and some sketches that Victor Santos illustrated. Furthermore, the concepts that he made is almost that he colored his sketches with a red marker, but somehow he did a rough sketch with his pencils and later colored it on photoshop. However, this graphic novel would actually make it as a special edition, which can be possible to make, the storytelling and the art is great, not to mention the story itself had spawned into a Netflix adaptation film. Obviously, this comic is something that any reader should remember when reading the usual webcomic that the author made, and it just keeps going. If you rather want to read another assassination Hitman comic like this one, then this is for you.

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