Comic Review: Laguardia #3 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics continues our journey with some weird alien invasion in a New York-themed comic in Laguardia on its third issue. Ok, so I know that the story between […]

Dark Horse Comics continues our journey with some weird alien invasion in a New York-themed comic in Laguardia on its third issue.

Ok, so I know that the story between humans and aliens is so far fetched that the author decided to turn a story into a New York-themed kind of a story about discrimination and racism, but this time, the story brings you back to square one, when Citizen is still in Africa. Nonetheless, everyone is curious about whose child will Future be. A human or a plant? This is something to be heard something outside of the universe, but on the second issue, it shows that much of a discrimination protest and other stuff which is related to immigration.

This comic starts by giving some flashbacks when Citizen and Future get married and years later, Future is pregnant. Do you think that would be the best moment for every adult to celebrate when they’re having a child for the first time? Even living their lives together normally and happy? But nope, what really happened is that Citizen picked up a plant which grows into a flower at some merchant as a present for Future, and just until the next day, Letme Live was born. He has no idea this kind of plant is actually a living thing. In fact, that plant is actually a threat to all humankind in this world. I mean, this comic isn’t about some New York-themed story anymore, this is actually a drama story where the woman is having a baby. I bet if the title of the comic would have a subtitle under it, this comic should be called: “LaGuardia: A Very Modern Story of an African American Woman who ran away from home, carrying with pregnant baby inhabited by a living weed,” A New York Times Best-Seller Book. Why not? If that would be the winner because of the story, I’m gonna be very surprised if they did all that.

So, this issue is somehow very dramatic to know that Letme Live is actually a living plant that poses a threat to the human race, but I do wonder what is the story with the whole immigration in New York? The first and second issue of the comic shows some protests about humans and aliens are equal and aliens are not allowed to live on this planet. Letme Live is just another story because his story is that the humans are exterminating his kind because they have been releasing so many spores to Citizen and Future, which is making much sense on why Citizen is growing a weed on his beard like that’s deadass.

Have this comic showed the two year school itself for these young adults to study from the second issue? I mean, didn’t they just come to New York to study? I don’t know… Come on, people. This is Laguardia, let’s see some more New York-themed stuff, especially the school itself, and at the moment, Future’s grandma kept mentioning LaGuardia as the airport itself, as if she has problems with her clients over there. Speaking of which, I’m surprised that Future’s parents were legendary doctors when the Nurse showed her the statue by stating “Who Lost Their Lives Because They Cared For All Americans.” I mean have any of those who worked at the hospital showed that her parents had a daughter? I do notice that LaGuardia Community College, my third home has a major in nursing, healthcare and any other health and science related just to study there in order to become doctors. Does this mean that her parents became legends going on that school and made their own ideals for saving people at a hospital?

And then there’s a rule in the hospital saying “Human Only” aka bitch shut up, don’t talk shit to my pets like that. Besides the protests on the first and second issue, every place that they’re going to is like having its own rules to permit human or alien customers. I mean do they have a choice for picking fights over a place that doesn’t belong to them, the aliens are supporting a friend just to get the child born. But going over with a new birth child is actually history in a making for Future. If you rather want to read the nearing conclusion of the story, then this is for you.

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