Toy Fair 2019 Coverage: Mezco Toyz

“We are here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. We are all out of bubble gum” – They Live Mezco, what can be said that I already have not […]

“We are here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. We are all out of bubble gum” – They Live

Mezco, what can be said that I already have not said to this point? The One:12 Collective continues to grow. My wallet continues to become less and less full.  Mezco introduces some great new line ups for the Collective which includes the newly acquired They Live license.

They Live alien and Penny Wise from It (2017) are the newest horror figures. Both figures are badass looking and I will be grabbing them when they drop. Also added was a new Michael Myers from Halloween 2.

Marvel added Ghost Rider with a motorcycle and Moon Knight to their line. SDCC showed off Ghost Rider minus the motorcycle. I was excited to see they added it in after all who is ghost rider without his bike? Moon Knight was in their catalog hoping we will get to see the figure by San Diego Comic Con. Captain Marvel from the upcoming movie was given the unmasked treatment and is stunning. Not at the show but teased in the catalog was Gambit.

DC line delivered big with Classic Harley Quinn, the classic Wonder Woman, and Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batman. These are great figures excited for the classic red and black Jumpsuit Harley Quinn with all her props. Although the Margo Robbie version is great this just surpassed it by leaps and bounds. Keaton Batman will be a fan favorite I saw a lot of excitement over this one. I’m curious if the suit will be movie accurate limiting the head movement lol. Not pictured at the show but in their catalog was the classic blond haired Aquaman.

Gomez made his scaled debut with the Toy Fair Exclusive Agent version which I had the pleasure of reviewing from my hotel room while at the show. This is a fun figure which they offered up for preorders to all fans, not just those who attended the show. Also exclusive to the show was another version of Blade. Although I was not able to review it yet being a fan of the character I can say this will be one of my favorites in my collection.

Finally for the One:12 Scale my stand out was the Hellboy 2019 movie version figure.  Although not Ron Perlman still a great addition to the movie line of action hero. This is one I wish I could have handled I was curious if the hand would be stone like similar to Darkseid.

Not all characters were mentioned as some were previously shown off at other shows. With that said a lot of great characters coming down the pike this year looking forward to.

Mezco revealed their 5 points line. Obviously, the 5 points is the amount of articulation given to a 3 ¾ inch line. Properties include The Adams Family, The Warriors, 6 million dollar man, Scooby Doo which also includes never before seen unmasked villains, Birdman, Space Ghost and more.

Mezco also showed off other great items including LDD The Grady daughters and Jack from The Shining. 1966 Batman get some love as well.

Great job Mezco as always. Thanks for having us at the show.

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