Toy Fair 2019 Coverage: Playmates Toys

Cowabunga Dudes! Kevin Eastman was at this year’s Toy Fair to pay homage to 35 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He gave us a back story of how shredder […]

Cowabunga Dudes!

Kevin Eastman was at this year’s Toy Fair to pay homage to 35 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He gave us a back story of how shredder was born along with some background of how he began by borrowing money from friends and family to bring the turtles to life. 35 years later a new generation is enjoying the heroes in a half shell.

Playmates show off its next wave. Battle shell turtles also join the next waves due for release. The shells open up revealing weapons for dealing with baddies. These also come in large scale as well. My favorite of the bunch of upcoming releases are Mikey with troll-like hair large gold chain and sleeveless trench coat. New vehicles The Shell Hogs, and the turtle tank were also the talk of the turtles along with a giant-sized turtle lair. The Lair is huge and has a ton of features to it.

Be your own Hero. Next up was the roleplaying line. This included shells, masks both the eye masks and full-faced turtle masks. The cloth mask comes with each character’s weapons.

Nano Clix are smaller versions of turtles that interlock to form larger turtles. Think legos meets mini figures to connect to build giant turtles. These are very interesting. A lot of potential for this line. They are done blind bag style coming with 3 per pack and you can purchase larger packs that come with heads and body pieces to make the larger turtles.

I think the highlight of the show are the new interactive Babble Heads. Trains Talks Jokes recognizes their own weapons. Eyes head and mouth moves as well. Fifty plus sound effects and phrases. This is the buddy you take anywhere with you.  It talks when you touch its head move his arm for weapons sound effects. This one should keep the kids busy for hours curious if there will be an app to go along with this.

Its been thirty-five years of TMNT fun. Playmates keep chugging along with the turtles and there’s no slowing down for them. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for showing us why we continue to love the Turtles.

Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 also showed off some great new figures arriving this year. New figures will be based on the season three characters. Along with new action figures, we will also see new micro playsets new wearable Omnitrix, transforming figures including transforming Ben to Heat Blast. Vehicles and playsets round out the new product that was displayed at this year’s show

The Alien game Omnitrix comes with LCD screen and ten interactive alien games to play. The Deluxe has over 100 different phrases and sound effects. It’s nice to see we can combine technology with an imagination for hours of fun.

Microsets transform to play sets with different characters. Microset transforms into wearable wrist gear for the ben 10 role play look.  This is a line I was introduced to by my niece’s son. I had heard of the show but paid it no mind until last year. The toy line is great and looks forward to more.

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