Really, all that for that one line!! I’m not going to lie, I liked it

A very different issue this week, virtually no dialogue while the whole issue is a chase scene where Batman both chases down and tries to save a masked baddie in equal measure. Throughout the issue, there is a constant beep and my thoughts went to a batman in hospital hearing his machines and making sense of them in some sort of coma, this may still be the case on another level but for this issue, it meant So. Much. More!

It is a credit to both the writer and the artists on this issue that barely a word gets spoken but the issue is riveting stuff, the chase is epic and really exciting to follow, fraught with danger but still that little touch of humour with the classic smash through the bedroom while the owners are in bed scene. I loved it, the lack of dialogue added to the tension especially when Batman lost his prey before crashing through into the bar to catch him. When the dialogue does come in it knocks it clean out of the park. Bravo!

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