Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame (Disney)

We made it! We have taken a decade long journey with Marvel Studios and what the Russo brothers and Marvel gave us was nothing short of…PERFECTION! As I sit here […]

We made it! We have taken a decade long journey with Marvel Studios and what the Russo brothers and Marvel gave us was nothing short of…PERFECTION!

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As I sit here and type this I am 1 hour removed from the film and I am still trying to process what I just witnessed on the big screen. I told Brian (our editor) this was going to be the spoiler-free review and he laughed at me. I cannot in good conscience write this with spoilers on opening weekend.  That review will come later (HA HA).

About a decade ago we went into a film starring Robert Downey Jr as the beloved Tony Stark and Ironman, however, little did we know that we were all just getting a whiff of what Marvel Studios was cooking in this oven. With 22 films as our appetizer, the Russo Brothers sit us down for the 3-hour main course that is called End Game. As I said earlier this film was nothing short of perfection and I am not saying that to ride the Disney/Marvel train. I say that because as a comic head and fan of the film franchises it was exactly that…PERFECT!

This film was a roller coaster of emotions from open to close. One thing I will say is that what was said about the trailers were correct. Most of what we saw took place in the first act. If you did not shed a tear or get choked up during any part of this film then you have ice in your veins LOL. The amount of drama that tugs at your emotions is around every corner. Now with that, there are tons of laughs during this film as well.  A few scenes had the theater in stitches with laughter.

Now for all the comic heads that are reading this, there is a HEAPING amount of service to us. Just about every character gets what we have been waiting for. There are two scenes during the third act that got standing ovations during the showing that I saw. I wish that I could talk about EVERY comic reference that we all were treated too but that will come later after the masses have had a chance to witness them. Every fan theory is basically tossed out the window. I will not say that they were all completely wrong (well except the dumbass Thanus Theory because that was never an option in my opinion) but they certainly do not play out exactly as most bloggers and vloggers stated.

I really hope everyone goes and sees this movie at least once in the theaters. I know I am going again next week to check it out and that probably will not be my only time as it was THAT AMAZING! Bring tissues…LOTS of tissues thanks to the Charmin Bear they remind you to take the pre-movie pee and drink your drink sparingly as you do not want to miss a second of this masterpiece!

JQ give Avengers: Endgame a perfect 10 out of 10!!

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