Toy Review: One:12 Collective: Marvel’s Blade (Mezco)

Daywalker!! Mezco Toyz! Let’s cut through the BS, everyone knows they deliver some great figures and I praise them quite often about how great their line is. Although this figure […]


Mezco Toyz! Let’s cut through the BS, everyone knows they deliver some great figures and I praise them quite often about how great their line is. Although this figure is a Mezco today is about just the figure. It’s been a long time coming for a figure that deserves praise for just the character and today is that day.

In 1973 Eric Brooks was introduced as a supporting character in issue #10 of The Tomb of Dracula written by  Marv Wolfman and penciled by Gene Colan. Gene based the character off several actors including Jim Brown and came up with the idea for the long leather coat as he so proudly boasted about in 2002. Blade comics have had many runs including volume 3 written by our friend Marc Guggenheim in 2006 to 2007.  Movies and a Television series have brought popularity to the Blade franchise.  One could say that the first Blade movie released under Warner Brothers banner in 1998 was the beginning for the popularity of the comic book movie and show universe that we enjoy today.

Welcome the newest figure to the one 12 scale. Blade is a welcomed change from the norm. He is one of my top 3 favorite characters from the Marvel Universe and very deserving of the detail and time put into the design.  Blade comes with a submachine gun with 2 removable magazines, firing effects, one shotgun with pump action movement four pairs of removable sunglasses, six stakes three fit on the right thigh, one sword and sheath with magnetic mount that goes on the back, one black trench coat with wiring for a flowing effect, 2 foldable throwing blades that also fit in the belt, eight hands, and 2 head portraits one screaming vampire, one menacing not too happy to see anyone face. With all these accessories no Vampire is safe from his wrath.

Articulation is no problem and posing does well my only complaint is it seems the character will not stand on his own without the Blade signature stand. Attention to details shows both in weapons and character faces. Although some believe he resembles Blade from the movies I don’t see it having had the old marvel legends one from Toy Biz and comparing them there is a huge difference between likenesses. The signature leather coat as mention above in my earlier statement with the red interior is spot on except it’s missing the slot for the sword to slide into. This was not a huge issue because of the magnetic holder sits nicely over the jacket and holds firm.

Overall this is by far my favorite figure from the line. I could not find anything major to complain about. I will be honest here normally I will shoot pictures place figure back in the box and put it away. I like this character so much I kept it out of the package and placed it in my show off case. Blade deservingly got his own shelf.  Because this is my favorite Marvel character I have been waiting on this one since they first announced it.  Now that I have my Marvel holy grail it feels good to be able to show it off. I definitely recommend grabbing this one before it’s gone!

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