Comic Review: Doomsday Clock #10 (DC Comics)

Dr. Manhattan is unable to see the future, and tries to retrace his steps as to what lead him to the DC Universe, and why Superman is the key to […]

Dr. Manhattan is unable to see the future, and tries to retrace his steps as to what lead him to the DC Universe, and why Superman is the key to this mystery?

What is it about the universe that caused Dr. Manhattan to reside in it? What is he looking to discover that he could not find in his own universe? And what will happen When the Man of Action encounters the God of Inaction?

It’s almost hard to believe that after the slow build up and the massive amount of delays between the release of each installment that this series has managed to get better with each issue! It is amazing that Doomsday Clock has managed to keep such a great pace within 10 issues and still find ways to fascinate, shock, and amaze anyone, and I have to confess, that the delays make it worth it. No one knows what is happening within the walls of the higher-ups at DC, but one can assume that the delays of Doomsday Clock is definitely influenced by it to some degree and yet, despite it, all Geoff Johns manages to deliver.

When I read this issue, I was wondering how the Nathaniel Dusk side plot tied into the overall story of the DC Universe, and after reading issue 10, I think its pretty brilliant that Johns was able to weave in the Dusk narrative with the main plot that centers around Dr. Manhattan and the rest of the heroes of the DCU. I was curious as to how much Dr. Manhattan’s presence truly impacted the rest of the DC Universe, which upon reading, I ‘ve found was pretty meta. What I’m most impressed with aside from the pacing, plot, and story is how Johns is able to maintain his narrative Moore-esque style of writing. His writing is consistent and never falters or strays from what was established from previous installments. There is more that I’d like to go in depth with, but it would lead to too many spoilers that it would ruin the reading experience.

What I can definitely talk about is Gary Frank’s godly art! Man, Each issue has been amazing, but what he’s managed to illustrate within the pages of this book is just sublime! How he is able to showcase Dr. Manhattan’s travels through his world and the DCU is worthy of an Eisner. How he showcases the parallels between the world of Manhattan and the world of Superman, and how they contrast as two influential figures that affect everything around them is handled with a level of mastery that could not be drawn by anyone else other than Frank, and Anderson’s colors just make the book all the more alluring to look at. There is nothing that I could say that hasn’t already been said that compliments the entire team and what they’ve unleashed within this issue. Seriously, pick this issue up for new comic book day, because this book has been consistent despite its delays, and even with that, it hasn’t impacted the quality of this series. Definitely add it to your pull list, its worth it!

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