Toy Review: Marvel Select X-Men Figures (Diamond Select)

Hey Bub! Buy my figure Since its inception in 2002 Marvel Select has been a mainstay among Diamond Select Toys collectibles. The line has grown in leaps and bounds with […]

Hey Bub! Buy my figure

Since its inception in 2002 Marvel Select has been a mainstay among Diamond Select Toys collectibles. The line has grown in leaps and bounds with the additions of multiple characters. Our review includes Rogue, Gambit, Sabertooth, Beast, Colossus, and brown uniform Wolverine.

Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #180 and we have seen many different versions of the character since. Marvel Select Wolverine is now sporting the brown uniform and comes with a samurai practice dummy. Multiple points of articulation, claws out, and masked, Wolverine is ready for action. The stand out for him is his size. Wolverine is among the shorter characters and his select figure measures up to this standard.   Victor Creed AKA Sabertooth also an enemy of the X-Men and  Wolverine is our next Select Figure. Sabertooth comes with his own stand which includes a caution do not enter sign which I found to be one of the highlights of the character.

Next up is Beast. One of the original X-Men this Beast sports a more classic X-Men look and includes a danger room looking stand with bars for him to climb on and swing from. He also comes with two sets of hands. would have loved to see a set of glasses and a book to go along with it. Another classic X-Men Is the Russian metal man Colossus. Included is a danger room obstacle. He stands 8 inches tall.

Next up is Everyone’s favorite Cajun Gambit. Included are 2 sets of hands, energy loaded playing cards 2 sets of 3 card energy effect and one ace with energy that can be placed in his hand as he prepares it to throw. He also comes with his classic staff and sports his brown trench coat. Finally rounding out our X-Men figures is Rogue. She sports her classic leather coat and green and yellow uniform. she comes with three sets of hands including one with the glove off and the other holding the glove as she prepares to steal powers from the bad guy. Rogue is the newest edition of Marvel Selects from Diamond Select Toys.

Once again DST hits it out of the park with some great Marvel Select figures. Multiple accessories, stands, danger room accessories, and multiple points of articulation make these great to have among your collection. Durability is great as well and can stand the test of playing with ease. I had one issue with all the figures and it was Rogue. Her joints were a bit loose in the legs.  Although this is just one figure and others may not have this issue I would still handle her with care. I would still grab her while you can the overall design is great and a must have with your other X-Men figures.  Figures can be found at your local comic shop. Grab them while they are still available you will hate yourself later if you don’t.

Many thanks to Diamond Select Toy for allowing us to check these out. 

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