TV Review: Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3 (Netflix)

Saving the best for last. The third and final season of Jessica Jones justified why Marvel and Netflix should have continued their relationship. After the Punisher mess, I was skeptical […]

Saving the best for last.

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The third and final season of Jessica Jones justified why Marvel and Netflix should have continued their relationship. After the Punisher mess, I was skeptical that Jessica Jones would even be worth watching. I was wrong. The show was made as if they planned on more seasons even having a final episode cliffhanger that made me go wow!

The season opens up with Jessica and Trish still reeling from the end of season 2. Estranged from Jessica due to killing Jessica’s mother, Trish starts to come to grips with her new found powers and begins to prepare herself by training to become a hero. Trish’s vigilante career begins with a hiccup and she ends up being sued for hurting a perp during her first attempt at protecting the innocent. She then figures out how to hide her identity using a scarf and beanie and thus Wildcat is born.  Meanwhile, Jessica has become a true PI and starts taking the job more serious than the previous episodes. She also finds a new love interest who has a power of his own and is able to detect villains via migraines which led us to this season’s villain who proved to be quite an adversary for Jessica and Trish both.  Malcolm who is now working for Hogarth finds himself struggling between doing what he’s paid to do or doing what he feels is the right thing. Hogarth in the meantime is while dealing with her disease while trying to live her past through an ex from her college days who is now married to a man and has kids. Always getting what she wants Hogarth attempts to destroy the husband with the help of Malcolm and instead backfires and almost destroys her career. Danny Rand is mentioned in one of the episodes but that is it for any guest or mention of the other Marvel shows.

I will be honest I was not a fan of season one, season two redeemed the show for me and I was expecting a hot mess which I was preparing myself to figure out how I was going to talk about a show that was canceled even before season three was going to be released. It is obvious that those who wrote and directed the show took pride in the series and put out a hell of a storyline.  There was a beginning, a middle and a cliffhanger end which led me to believe that there was a definitive plan to continue the series. The only thing lacking in the story is Jessica’ love interest just seemed to vanish off the episodes and there was no plan to bring him back again at least for season three. The villain even proved to be a  well thought out character and gave Jessica a run for her money.

I cannot say enough good about the show. I am finding it difficult to give a spoiler free review because there is so much I want to talk about and share with you. Season three releases June 14th on Netflix. Watch it before spoilers get out you won’t be disappointed.


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