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My niece went to see this movie with her mother and told me all about it. But having to see it for myself it turned out to be a fun […]

My niece went to see this movie with her mother and told me all about it. But having to see it for myself it turned out to be a fun family movie.

I especially the music. But the real surprise was that so many famous musicians to make this movie. The story is about an UglyDoll named Moxy (voiced by Kelly Clarkson) who dreams about getting a child for herself. And one day Moxy, Ugly Dog (voiced by Pitbull), Wage (voiced by Wanda Sykes), Lucky Bat (voiced by Wang Leehom), Babo (voiced by Gabriel Iglesias) all follow a tube that leads them to Institute of Perfection where human dolls come to be the perfect dolls for a child.

But the leader Louis aka Lou (voiced by Nick Jonas) tells the UglyDolls that they are not fit for children. Moxy makes a deal with Lou if she can pass the perfection test she would go and be with a child, but if she doesn’t she leaves and never come back. This has a few nice songs and a lot of singers starring Kelly Clarkson as Moxy, Nick Jonas as Louis “Lou”, Janelle Monáe as Mandy, Blake Shelton as Ox, Pitbull as Ugly Dog, Wanda Sykes as Wage, Wang Leehom as Lucky Bat, Gabriel Iglesias as Babo, Emma Roberts as Wedgehead, Bebe Rexha as Tuesday, Charli XCX as Kitty, Lizzo as Lydia, Ice-T as Peggy, Laura Nicole Harrison as Jumbotron, Jane Lynch as Scanner, Electronic Voice, Kelly Asbury as Gibberish Cat, Oliver, Chef, Buttons, Natalie Martinez as Meghan, Stephen Zimpel as Michael, Enrique Santos as Nolan, Rob Riggle as Exposition Robot, Steven Schweickart as New Arrival, Afi Ekulona as Tray, Jacques Colimon as Sporko

Bonus features are Making UglyDolls, fun with the cast of ugly dolls, sing-along tease. Making ugly dolls (BTS countdown “a behind the scenes of everyone announcing being on ugly dolls”), (couldn’t be better “the cast talking about who is going to be in the film”), (broken and beautiful “Kelly talking about her song in the movie”), (The Ugly Truth “Nick talking about his song in the movie”), (Pitbull “Talks about his part in the movie”), fun with the cast of UglyDolls (would you rather “the cast of UglyDolls answer some question in the version of would you rather”), (cast talents “ the cast shows their talents”), (Kelly’s Gifts “ Kelly opens a box that contains her character doll”), (Kelly’s reaction “Kelly reacting to the first showing of the trailer for UglyDolls”), (ready set draw “ the cast has to draw their character”), sing-along tease.

Many thanks for Universal Home Entertainment for send us UglyDolls to check out!

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