Comic Review: Justice League #30 (DC Comics)

The storyline that has been in the making since the series inception has finally begun! Justice/Doom War is finally here and man does it start off with a bang! Both […]

The storyline that has been in the making since the series inception has finally begun! Justice/Doom War is finally here and man does it start off with a bang!

Both sides of Justice and Doom are finally coming to a head as the war for the multiverse begins. Apex Lex has enacted his plans to shape the universe into the likeness of Doom, and it doesn’t seem to bode well for the Justice League. The time for war is now and the fate of all existence hangs in the hands of justice and doom. Who will join in the war? What does Apex Lex have in store for the League? Who will stand with the league? Who will stand against them? And will the League succeed against Perpetua or will it lead to the inevitable fate that awaits them?

For the past 29 issues and some annuals, Snyder and Tynion have been weaving this cosmic tapestry that has not only reshaped the DC universe but has expanded upon it. Now, the majority of readers like myself was excited despite the awesome yet rocky launch of this series, but knowing that Snyder was playing at the long game, it was all about being on board the journey and man does this marathon of a journey payoff! Readers get a glimpse of the damage that Apex Lex and Perpetua would cause in the future, which not only leaves the Justice League terrified, but will also send a shock down readers spines as to how events unfold. There is a lot that happens in this issue, which always leaves me impressed every time I read this series.

It amazes me that Snyder and Jimenez have managed to keep this series consistent with every issue. There are times where I think that maybe the following issue won’t be as strong due to concerns that they might not stick the landing, and then when the issue arrives in my hands I get surprised at how they consistently surpass expectations and continue to keep me at the edge of my seat. What makes this issue so great is that Snyder and Tynion finally get to showcase what they were building up to in regards to the various forces that construct and move the DC Universe, how it works through the Totality, and how it could be the greatest instrument of justice or doom. Admittedly there is a bit of Avengers: Endgame vibes in this issue, given some of the elements in it kinda feels similar, but on a much grander scale. By the time the final pages are read, It will have anyone who is a fan of DC Comics lore, and Jack Kirby hollering in excitement.

In regards to the art, Jorge Jimenez goes beyond the work that he’s done during the 6t dimension arc, and cranks it up to 100! No exaggeration is needed to state this statement because the entire book is not only gorgeous to look at, but Jimenez displays why he is made for this book. The layouts and characters by Jimenez are all dynamic and powerful, yet eerie and fragile. Whether it is his rendering of Apex Lex and Perpetua in their terrifying glory or the beaming glow that his Justice League emits from the pages, he accomplishes all of the checkmarks of what makes a comic book and story visually effective and appealing. This effort is also accomplished due to Alejandro Sanchez’s ability to cinematically drench Jimenez’s artwork with colorwork that is spectacular to gaze at.

This series might go down as possibly the best Justice League run to come, especially with what has been established within the last 29 issues to present. There is just so much to unpack without giving it away, so I will just say that if you haven’t added this series to your pull list, you should. Because it continues to be one of the most fun thrill rides that a comic book and a superhero comic book could ever deliver. Add this to your pull list before you regret it!

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