Toy Review: DC Multiverse Red Hood (Mattel)

Mattel finally gives us the Red Hood we always wanted, and it’s a huge disappointment. When Jason Todd first appeared as the Red Hood in Batman #635, fans fell in […]

Mattel finally gives us the Red Hood we always wanted, and it’s a huge disappointment.

When Jason Todd first appeared as the Red Hood in Batman #635, fans fell in love with the character. The Red Hood who’s an anti-hero and the black sheep of the Batman family. So of course fans seriously wanted Mattel to make him for the DC Universe toy line. Rumor has it that DC Comics wouldn’t approve the version we wanted. Instead, we got this Grant Morrison disaster:

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He looks like a huge dildo.

DC Direct then gave us a version of the New 52 version of Red Hood based on Kenneth Rocafort’s art, but this time DC Direct dropped the ball:

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Fans totally hated those blades on his arm. He used them once in the comics and again, fans were denied a proper Red Hood.

Fast forward to now, DC finally gives Mattel the OK to produce the Red Hood we want, and boy is it a letdown.

While the sculpt is really nice and the paint apps are nice and clean, I have to question the choice of body they used. Mattel used a teen body for Red Hood and when you look at him to the rest of the Batman Family that’s in the DC Multiverse figures, the body is just too small. I don’t understand why they didn’t go with the same body they used for Nightwing. 

Next off is the helmet for Red Hood. It seems way too big for the body. It seriously looks awkward. With the helmet on Red Hood literally has no neck. I think it was designed for a larger body type. He also comes with a second head of just Jason Todd in a domino mask. It’s not bad looking and unlike the helmet, it’s in proportion with the body.

Red Hood also comes with 3 sets of hands: one set of fists, one set of gripping hands, and one set of trigger hands. It’s the trigger hands that really tick me off. First off, Red Hood doesn’t come with any guns. Second, there are guns in his holsters but there are molded in there. Seriously, what is the point of that? I truly don’t understand what Mattel was thinking. Why no guns? This is just really sad in my opinion. 

For the Collect and Connect piece, Red Hood comes with Killer Croc’s right leg.

Overall, while we all wanted a Red Hood figure, this was truly a waste of plastic. I really question Mattel’s design choices on this one. DC Collectibles does have a DC Essentials: Red Hood Action Figure coming out in December and we can hope it’s better than this disappointment. 

You can find the DC Multiverse Red Hood in stores now.

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