An emotional issue for Harley as she grieves the death of her mum.

In true Harley Quinn fashion her grief doesn’t hold her back from crazy situations and she mourns the best way she knows how by becoming a pirate queen of her own island. Yup even in emotional turmoil, Harley is pure entertainment. By the time Mirandr finds her she has gone full Tom Hanks Castaway crazy and loving it.

Mirandr has her own emotional journey this issue, after of course being bombarded with coconuts, and she relates her story to Harley and helps her come to realize she has to face her grief and not hide from it. Its time for the final trial. These trials have been really cool to read and I can only imagine whats going to happen once Harley becomes the Angel of Retribution and of course the effect that has on Mirandr. There is no way it’s going to be a simple affair as I’m sure Harley will find a way to make it chaotic and I can’t wait!