Comic Review: Justice League #32 (DC Comics)

Apex Lex continues his war against justice across time and space, in hopes to prove that doom is what the universe needs. With the Justice League scattered across time and […]

Apex Lex continues his war against justice across time and space, in hopes to prove that doom is what the universe needs.

With the Justice League scattered across time and space, they are left helpless to the threat of Perpetua and her ever-growing army of doom. Can the Justice League prevent Apex Lex from completing his goals for the universe, or will it truly be a year of the Villain forever across time and beyond?

Snyder and Tynion already showcase that they do a fantastic job writing the Justice League, but I’m convinced that should Snyder and Tynion wrap up their Justice League run, that the next logical move would be to write The JSA. The dialogue and balance between the JSA and their successors is pure gold and feels natural despite the long absence of the golden age characters that were once amongst the titans that all know and love. I think what I enjoyed the most is how the Future segment is handled as the Trinity and Kamandi encounter the Justice Legion A who are controlled by Brainiac. That segment is handled really well due to Kamandi who has never witnessed humanity in his time, finally witnesses it and realizes that humanity is always doomed to the fate of war.

What really made that segment better was The Trinity’s comments on the future how The Justice Legion A should be advanced enough to resist Brainiac’s psychic control. This really made me happy because sometimes writers will forget that despite the sake of the story, it is important to highlight details that can’t be ignored, and given that the Justice Legion A are more advanced, they really shouldn’t be at the mercy of someone like Brainiac who is ancient history to them. Thankfully, Snyder and Tynion are very aware of that and find a way to make things work in a way that’s plausible enough to keep the story flowing without falling apart. Now, I know I always say it’s the final pages that make a book, but man, the final pages in this issue really makes this worth the thrill ride since issue 1. I feel that Snyder and Tynion have laid enough foundations that they’re finally going wild with their ideas in all the right ways, and while it is very Morrison, it stands on its own and promises that this will possibly be one of the strongest Justice League series yet.

After the amazing artwork from the last two issues, It was a bit of a turbulent transition from Jorge Jimenez’s art to Howard Porter’s art. They’re both stylistically different, and they both accomplish layouts in different ways that don’t ruin the story. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that everyone was spoiled by the dynamic power of Jimenez’s art within this arc thus far. With that said, Porter is no slouch and still delivers in the art department. Porter’s layouts are awesome to look at, especially in some of the double-page spread moments, which are nothing but amazing. My favorite pages from this issue aside from one of the later double-page spread is the splash pages with both incarnations of the Flash (Jay Garrick and Barry) and the Green Lantern (Alan Scott and John Stewart). It has been a long time since readers have seen these characters in the same pages together since the pre-New 52, which makes this issue all the more special, and Porter’s art ensures and secures that in spades.

There isn’t much that needs to be said that hasn’t already been said, but in case you need convincing, this is one of the few DC titles and one of the few comic books that is showing the fruits of its labor. Many of the seeds that were planted throughout the first couple of arcs are now flourishing making this series a worthwhile read, and this issue alone manages to do the same. If you aren’t reading the Justice/Doom War arc, then you’re missing out, because this is one of the best stories coming out of a Justice League series, and possibly one of the best DC Comics story post Rebirth amongst a few. I recommend adding this book to your pull list for new comic book day, plus you have the Justice League, the Justice Society of America, the Justice Legion A and Kamandi!? All in one book? This book will give you more bang for your buck guaranteed!

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