TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 2-Rose (DC Universe)

Action, story building, new characters, and did I mention ACTION! Episode 2 of Titans delivers all that and more! Episode 2 takes place three months from the end of the […]

Action, story building, new characters, and did I mention ACTION! Episode 2 of Titans delivers all that and more!

Episode 2 takes place three months from the end of the last episode. Grayson has the team training both mentally and physically. Frustration is building between the kiddos as they are awaiting some action. Jason wants to go back to Gotham, Gar feels like he is being treated differently, and Rachel is dealing with (what seems like) her soul-self trying to breakthrough. All the situations are making Grayson second guess himself and his ability to help the young team.

This episode jumps around a lot. We see Dr. Light break out of prison. We catch up with Hank and Dawn, who are running a rehab ranch in Wyoming.  A young girl is seen running from the police and then taking out a whole squad. This girl gets Grayson’s attention and he runs to help her. Also, Donna and Kori are working together trying to capture evil metahumans. Even with all the jumping around the episode is paced very well and when the episode ended I was like come on give me more.

The young girl (whose name I will reveal towards the end) wakes up in Titans Tower and wants out. The young Titans are confused on to why Grayson brought this girl here. Grayson feeling unsure of himself calls Bruce to get some advice. Bruce gives him some sound advice and then Grayson goes and handles it his own way. This is just as we see things in the comics.

Meanwhile back in Wyoming, Dawn is moonlighting as Dove again. She is trying to clean up the streets to better help the hurting kids in the area who are falling victims to the drug pushers. Hank is NOT happy with his and voices his opinion. It is then that they are attacked by Dr. Light and they escape barely. Hank calls Grayson to let him know what has happened and Grayson tells them to come to San Fransico.

Donna and Kori are in a surveillance van trying to capture Shimmer based on intel from Roy Harper. Although we do not see him, he is mentioned a few times in the episode. After giving up the ladies end up running into Shimmer and taking her down with very little of a fight. After Shimmer is detained Donna gets another call from Roy and Kori tells her they will meet at the food truck. Kori, however, runs into another Tamarainian and she seems to get tased and dragged away.

While Grayson takes the mystery girl out to let her go, Jason and Gar use the bandages that she was wearing to find out her identity. During the outing, Grayson explains to the girl what he is doing at the Tower and offers her a place. She declines.  Grayson makes it a standing offer and then something starts to glow in the back seat. Dr. Light seems to have found yet another member of the Titans. As Grayson and the young girl escape, Jason and Gar find out that our mystery girl is none other than Rose Wilson! Jason already knows that this means trouble and we fade to black!

As I said in the opening line this episode had some development, new characters, and action! DC likes to use time jumps in their stories and in this case, it worked out for them. I am on board with this ride and cannot wait to see how this season pans out! JQ gives Titans- Season 2, Episode 2: Rose 8.8 out of 10!


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