TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 3 – Ghost (DC Universe)

DC Universe really upped the ante with season two. Episode Three: Ghost kept the pedal to the metal. This episode spent a lot of time to explain Kori’s lineage and […]

DC Universe really upped the ante with season two. Episode Three: Ghost kept the pedal to the metal.

This episode spent a lot of time to explain Kori’s lineage and her birthright. Also, we see dissension in the ranks of our young team. Grayson is struggling to leave his past behind and try to embrace this new role as a father figure, and right the wrongs of his former team. Everything gets more confusing when the old Titans return to Titan’s Tower. Grayson explains to Hank, Dawn, and Donna that Dr. Light is in San Fransico and with some reconnaissance they can take him down together once and for all. The team agrees and they go to settle in, however, Grayson then drops a big bomb on his former teammates when he explains that Deathstroke is also back and that the Titans mystery guest is none other than Slade’s daughter. As you can imagine this does not sit well with the former Titans.

The younger squad is seen training with blindfolds and wooden swords to hone their skills. Jason shows off as usual and seems to best Gar and Rachel, but Rachel’s soul-self seems to take control and lifts Jason in the air with intent to harm.  Rachel comes to her senses and lets Jason down. Jason not happy says some not nice things about her and when Grayson comes in to check on them they all speak nothing of it. Grayson asks Gar to join him in the computer room to help out to search for Dr. Light.

Meanwhile, we find out that Kori’s kidnapper is one of her families royal guards and he volunteered to come to earth to retrieve her. We also find out that Kori’s sister, Blackfire, has summoned Kori back home to assume her role as Queen. After some more banter Kori is told that if she does not come home then legions of royal guards will be sent to retrieve her. We also cut to Dr. Light and Deathstroke speaking in a room. Light wants to take the Titans down NOW, but Slade is calling for patience. Slade wants to see how the Titans operate and cull the team one by one.

Gar finds Dr. Light and Grayson takes Hank, Dawn, and Donna to go and get him. Jason wants in and Dick has to tell him no that this is old business and Jason will soon get his chance. After a string of blackouts in the city, they find him at a stadium trying to power up. They try to ambush him only to be lead on a chase. Hank is hurt and Donna was able to run Dr. Light down. Grayson is about to take him down when a bus carrying civilians comes around the corner. Grayson opts to save the people and Dr. Light disappears!  The Titans come back defeated and Jason couldn’t help but rub it in Grayson’s face. Jason tries to storm off but Grayson stops him. After some words, Jason throws a punch and Dick takes him down, HARD.  Grayson feels like he is failing goes to train. Rose joins him and he tells her that she is not ready.  So she challenges him and Grayson shows that his training as a defensive guy is better. Did Rose let him win or did he win because he was right?

Gar goes back to look for Light on the computer and Jason comes in and begs Gar to have them go after him alone. Gar is very hesitant and gives into Jason’s request. Gar and Jason (dressed in his Robin gear) split up and seek out Dr. Light. Robin finds him and a battle ensues. Robin seems to be getting whooped until internally he remembers his training with Grayson and takes over the battle. As Robin gains the upper hand, Dr. Light starts to laugh uncontrollably as behind Robin we see Deathstroke standing behind him. After a loud scream, Gar comes running to assist only to find a huge blood puddle, but no Robin. The episode then fades to black!

JQ gives Episode Three: Ghost a 9.0 out of 10! Check it out on the DC Universe App NOW!!

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