TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 4 – Aqualad (DC Universe)

Titans gave us a full flashback episode with a ton of fill in the blank content onto where and why the Titans are where they are currently. Even in the […]

Titans gave us a full flashback episode with a ton of fill in the blank content onto where and why the Titans are where they are currently. Even in the flashback sequences, the episode jumps around a few of the key player’s lives. We have the Dr. Light arc, the Jericho arc, the Titans arc, and the love triangle between Donna, Garth, and destiny. Some people will view this episode as non-action and dull, but that is hardly the case. We may not have the pedal to the metal action that we were spoiled with the first three episodes, however, the back story about the reasons the Titans disbanded and the relationships made, broken, and to come all get laid out in front of our eyes.

First off we see that in the Titan’s early years Grayson and Dawn are an item after she and Hank spilt up. Donna and Garth are working out a few years of sexual tension. All this while Dr. Light is trying to steal an item to make him uber-powerful, and Deathstroke gets a contract to terminate someone in San Fransico. The Titans were young, fearless, and very close. Sure they had their secrets but they still worked as one. Donna having the biggest skeleton in her closet, we find out that she is on borrowed time and must head back to Themescyra. She sites destiny as her reasoning to leave, but there is more there than meets the eye. Dawn and Grayson spend a few minutes together after a blackout forces the team to seek what happened. Dawn compares the computer room to the Batcave while in the blackout and she tells Grayson to NOT become Batman but to stay himself.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light breaks into a bank and raises some havoc in the streets. The Titan’s investigate and find out the who, what, where, and when of the situation only to later figure out the why and go to stop it. As in the previous episodes the action takes place and seems to be resolved in mere minutes. This is okay because this episode was more about the back story than the action in my opinion. Dr. Light gets his behind handed to him by the Titans and we are brought back to Titans Tower. Here we see Garth and Donna together and she tries to tell him she is leaving but she gets caught up in the moment and they kick in a door and have some fun! As expected Donna makes a quick exit to leave. Garth and Grayson exchange words and Garth goes off to stop Donna from leaving.

Donna tells Garth she has no choice to leave and he makes his case for her to stay. All of a sudden we hear a bullet fire in the distance. Garth turns and takes it center mass protecting Donna. As Garth is bleeding out the other Amazon who is protecting Donna tosses a shuriken towards Deathstroke making him retreat. The team morning the loss of one of their own handles it in their own ways. Grayson is using the Batcomputer to find evidence. He calls the team in and they meet their enemy. Dawn turns to Grayson and tells him to become Batman! Which probably explains some of his angst in the first season.  We flash forward a week later to see Jericho in a record store. So happens that Grayson is there as well and he is seen trying to befriend Jericho. All seems to be working when we close up to Grayson’s face and we fade to black.

JQ gives Episode 4: Aqualad an 8.4 out of 10. Definitely a great backstory episode!! Do not miss this!!

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