We kick off the episode 22 minutes after Robin’s abduction. Jason is very comic accurate even while tied up. He taunts Dr. Light into getting close enough for him to choke him out to escape. Jason is met by Deathstroke and his escape is cut short. We fade back to Titans Tower where Gar tells Grayson what happened. Grayson is not pleased with this situation and now they are struggling to find a plan to rescue Robin.

Grayson and the Titans scour the sewers trying to local Jason. Grayson calls the team to the spot of the abduction. The Titans are in disagreement on how to handle what is going on.  Dawn is trying to be the voice of reason when Grayson spots a camera. The camera goes to a feed where Dr. Light and Deathstroke are watching all this go down.  Before Grayson destroys the feed they let slip that Jason has a tracker implanted in him. Dr. Light rages about this and leaves. Deathstroke cuts out the tracker and uses it like a bullet and shoots it into Dr. Light.

Gar who is obviously frustrated with Rachel’s secret and Jason’s abduction is trying to eat when Rose comes into the kitchen and taunts Gar. As Gar leaves the kitchen he and Rachel have an argument about the recent events and Rachel leaves as Kori arrives at the entrance.  Meanwhile, the Titans get a ping on the tracker and find a lifeless Dr. Light tied up. A cell phone rings and the old Titans get a call from Deathstroke.  Deathstroke offers his terms to get Robin back. He wants Rose in exchange for Jason. The old Titans have a conference trying to deliberate what to do. Hank wants to give Rose up, and the others think they are safer with her nearby.  Rose overhearing the conversation tries to escape the tower. Grayson initiates full lockdown. The Titans old and new get owned by her fighting abilities. Rachel and Rose square off only to have Rachel’s soul-self take over and for what it looks like kill Rose.  However, the Titans witness meta human healing in real-time!

The next few scenes have some dialogue that is pretty important to the plot.  Deathstroke is scene sharpening his sword and Robin tells him that he is not afraid. Deathstroke responds that he should be. Kori and Donna are sharing feelings where Kori tells Donna that she is next in line to be queen. Hank tells Dawn that he is scared for Jason. Dawn tells Grayson that he needs to end this Titans crusade before more people get hurt. Grayson pulls the crew and explains the plan. Kori is seeking Grayson’s motives and he tries to recruit Kori into staying and helping the kids. Grayson makes the call to Deathstroke to set up the meeting and to end this once and for all. When it seems that Grayson is about to take on Deathstroke by himself.

Grayson gives himself up when Kori comes in and for the assist. Deathstroke shows that he has Robin on a scaffolding rigged to explode.  Kori and Grayson fight Deathstroke and gain the upper hand as it may seem. We see Kori using more of her abilities in this battle. Deathstroke finds a way to get some good hits in as well with some explosive ordnance. He uses some kind of sonic pulse to disorientate Grayson and Kori and then he pushes the detonator making Robin fall. Grayson catches Robin’s hand and after some struggle, Robin slips and is seen falling down the building.  We fade to black and have to tune in next week to see how this plays out.

Personally I think we are going to see a full-on Starfire emerge in the next episode! Esai Morales plays Deathstroke PERFECTLY!!! I enjoyed Manu Bennet’s portrayal, but hands down Morales nails the character completely! JQ gives Season 2, Episode 5- Deathstroke a 9.5 out of 10!!


By Jason Quaregna

Jason Quaregna (or JQ to the online world) is making his return to the Fanboy Factor after a brief hiatus. JQ is a single father of 2 beautiful girls, a computer teacher by day, and comic book store clerk by night. He is a HUGE Batman fan but does enjoy reading the other members of the Bat-family, X-Men, Spider-Man, Boom Studio's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and many many others. He is also a big toy collector with Japanese imports being his personal favorite. His personal favorite import line is the S.H. Figuarts Super Sayan (Power Rangers), Star Wars, and MCU collections. JQ is also a Batman Black and White Series statue collector.