TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 7 – Bruce Wayne (DC Universe)

Grayson has some issues to hammer out as the Titans deal with their latest battle with Deathstroke. We start the episode with Grayson walking into the suit room and reflecting. […]

Grayson has some issues to hammer out as the Titans deal with their latest battle with Deathstroke.

We start the episode with Grayson walking into the suit room and reflecting. As he is staring at the suits we hear Bruce Wayne’s voice and as Grayson turns around we see Bruce in the room.  Bruce is hard on Grayson as this last battle did not turn out the way they planned it. Bruce shows his disapproval by making Grayson feel bad for putting the team and Jason in grave danger.  Dawn walks in to give an update on Conner only to see that Bruce is not there, so is the guilt so deep in Grayson that he is fighting with himself as Bruce?  As we cut to the infirmaty we see Conner in stable condition yet they cannot figure out what the bullets did to him. They suggest calling Bruce and that’s when he appears in Grayson’s head again berating him about not using his resources.  Dawn tells Grayson to check on Jason and we see him hitting a punching bag hard.  Grayson tries to reason with him only to see that Jason has lots of anger towards him.

The specter Brice Wayne continues to be in Grayson’s head. Bruce keeps stating the obvious and it is making Grayson VERY uncomfortable. As Kori is taking care of Conner he wakes up and starts speaking Kryptonian. Kori speaks it back and Dawn hears it. Kori is putting two and two together and notices that the needle for IV would not go into his arm and explains part of what he may be. Mercy and Eve are at Cadmus speaking about Subject 13 (Conner) and Mercy tells Dr. Eve that they shot Conner with Kryptonite and that by now he make be finished. Eve begs for them to bring Conner back. Then Mercy tells Eve she is fired from Cadmus.

Grayson is out looking for answers and he goes to a local to get information. The Bruce Wayne in his head tells Grayson to rough the guy up to get the info needed. Grayson gives in to a more dark nature and goes full Batman on him the guy to get the information he wants. As this is going on Rose visits Jason and they share a moment together that looks innocent but if my hunch is correct is a ruse! Dr. Eve as she is leaving goes to free Krypto, and as the guards try to stop her they fly out of Cadmus.

Grayson still on the hunt for answers goes to a burlesque show. We get a glimpse of the Bruce Wayne in Grayson’s head doing the Batusie dance with some of the burlesque dancers.  Grayson gets a lead and goes to head to chase it. We cut back to Rose and Jason at the Tower, where things start getting serious. Rose sees one of Jericho;’s records and then what was going good turns south fast.  Jason has no idea about Jericho and tries to explain that to Rose as she storms out. Grayson’s lead takes him to Slade’s middleman were some questioning ends up with Grayson taking a call from Slade for a rendezvous.  Some more mysteries are appearing at the Tower as sins of their past are arriving one by one.

Dr. Eve gets to the tower and after an explanation, Kori finds a way to heal Conner.  Conner apologizes for not listening to Eve as they share some moments of reflection. Grayson gets to the location Slade told him and he has an internal struggle with the Bruce in his head.  Grayson’s guilt has made this version of Bruce appear. Grayson comes to terms on how he can rid himself of the guilt but does not know if he can do it. Grayson then realizes that the whole time Slade has been playing him and the rest of the Titans and races off.

The Titans found a target for their pain and it seems to be Jason. Jason is trying to make them understand but realize that its on deaf ears. That’s when Grayson comes in and tells them that Slade is in the tower with them. Each one having their worse fears pushed in their faces. Jason then goes to the roof where he wants to end it all. Saying he has a poison in him that makes everyone bad.  Grayson sits up there and goes to talk him out of it and once he lets the truth out the Bruce Wayne disappears. Grayson lets out that his secret is tanking the team.

This episode gets real in many parts, from language, nudity, and some real psychological premises.  Not a lot of action but some damn good storytelling. I give this episode a solid 9 out of 10!

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