TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 6 – Conner (DC Universe)

Titans lets the fate of Jason Todd marinate for 42 mins in this episode that gives you a look at Conner’s origin. If you thought that they were going to […]

Titans lets the fate of Jason Todd marinate for 42 mins in this episode that gives you a look at Conner’s origin.

If you thought that they were going to let you pick right up where we left off in episode 5 boy were we wrong!! Instead we take a 38 min trip on how Conner came to be. The episode is not without action, in fact, there is a ton of it. We start the episode off at Cadmus Labs as Conner makes his escape from his pod. As he is leaving he goes to rescue Krypto. Also for the ladies, we notice that Conner is without a proper uniform for the first few minutes of this episode!

Conner and Krypto make their escape from Cadmus and this puts all the people there in high alert. We meet Mercy Graves, she is as cold-hearted here as she is in the comics. Mercy is on a mission from Lex to find the asset (Conner) before it is too late. They call upon Dr. Eve Watson, who helped to create Conner. We learn that Conner is Subject 13, later in the episode we learn why. Dr. Watson tells Mercy that Conner being a day old only has the mental fortitude of a two-year-old and is seeing the world for the first time. This could be both good and bad as Conner has memories of both Lex and Clark. Throughout the episode, Conner is constantly having flashbacks of both his donors’ lives. Some are good (Clark) and some are bad (Lex).

Dr. Watson says that using the possible memories will help to narrow down the places that Conner could and may go to. After hiding from the Cadmus team, Conner and Krypto see a truck that has fields of grain on it and we see our only flashback from Clark. After Conner does some freelance heroism he gets some cash to change his shirt, he buys a black Superman logo t-shirt, and buys a bus ticket to Kansas. We see Conner walking to a barn where we assume it will be the Kent Farm, but we are surprised to see it is the Luthor Farm. There is an old man out front who invites Conner inside to escape the rain. The two exchange words and after a flashback Conner says something that upsets Mr. Luthor and he is asked to leave. Before Conner can do so Team Cadmus enters forcefully and we get to see Conner’s powers in full effect. We even get to see Krypto partake in the action as well. These fight scenes were pretty good given the amount of CGI that was involved. After the fight, Conner sees Dr. Watson and she confronts him letting him know who and what he is. She convinces Conner to run away so that Cadmus cannot find them.

Watson takes Conner to San Fransico where she tells Conner this is where he was made. We then enter an old abandoned Cadmus facility where Conner opens a vault to see the failed attempts at his cloning. Watson tells Conner that he has the ability to choose good or bad. With Cadmus on their heels, Conner and Krypto take off and leave Watson there to be scooped up by the agents. It is then when we catch up with the last episode and Conner hears the explosion from the trellis that Deathstroke had Jason tied too.  As the trellis crashes down we see Conner looking up, Watson told him to keep a low profile so that Cadmus would not find him. You are going to have to tune in to see what happens at the end of the episode because trust me you will NOT see it coming! I cannot wait until next week!

JQ gives Season 2, Episode 6- Conner a 9 out of 10!!


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