Comic Review: Lumberjanes: The Shape of Friendship (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios release a magical friendship of a summer camp in Lumberjanes: The Shape of Friendship, the graphic novel. There are a lot of comics that focus on comradeship, friendship, […]

BOOM! Studios release a magical friendship of a summer camp in Lumberjanes: The Shape of Friendship, the graphic novel.

There are a lot of comics that focus on comradeship, friendship, teamwork, any kind that can make a greater connection and trust between two people. But this time, this graphic novel focuses on having adventures on the camp while going on with the drama. The story is written by Lilah Sturges and drawn by Polterink, now I’ve heard of this story before, and it’s about some group of girls who are spending the whole summer on a scout camp, and while they spent together there, they’ve encountered some numerous strange creatures and supernatural phenomena around the camp, as if the story can take life of an adventure. And the whole thing, of course, is to solve the mysteries around the camp, as if the whole place is eerie. But that’s not what I’m going to focus here, it’s time to talk about friendships that lie around the story.

The front cover shows our two main characters, Jo and April, spending their night time together, with the lights on, and suddenly the front cover is colored in monochrome so you’re going to see the pinkish color that you’ll ever see, because this is a friendship between girls and not the kind of whatever you’re thinking. Alright, so on to the story, it starts when the Hydra came out of nowhere and attacked the camp, so it’s up to the Lumberjanes to save the camp from its rampage. Even so, they managed to save the camp without any loses, after that, things would start a little bit off when Jo and Barney started to get along with each other which is supposed to be April because she and Jo are really the closest friends. While they’re going back, the campers saw some of the opossums who assume that they pose themselves into another strange creature that has an ability to transform into things which is Pooka, a strange-looking cat plushie or something. The Pookas wanted to go to the camp and experience what it looks like to have fun over there, and then the Janes were taken hostage, as if what you call it kidnapping, well there’s nothing else to talk about here, they got back to the camp and stopped the Pookas and they apologized.

Ok, back to Jo and April, she thinks that it’s strange that Jo and Barney get along with each other well, worried that she’s trying to replace April. However, there is a connection between Jo and April, even so, they shared their interests, and she’s sharing it with Barney as if she wanted to know more about her. But in reality, Jo and April seem to care for each other at the end of the story as if you’d watched an episode of Spongebob at the Fry Cook Games episode. It’s really wonderful, really, the point is when you fight your best friend is that you’re trying to get it out of it, but you care for your friend one and another. What is makes this story so beautiful between friendships besides Jo and April, is that Jen befriends with the Pookas because they can make some crafts ever since the transformed into humans and spent their time at the camp.

The art of the story is more in complex because the coloring is all black and white with tones, but you’ll notice a few pages and panels is that the artist painted a pinkish watercolor on the background of the panels just to make it more creative rather than having black and white over the whole comic. The characters are amazing though, Jo and April are actually the best, Barney is so innocent, and the other girls were fun to be with. And the Pookas were much the cutest creatures that I’ve ever seen, they’re innocent, yes but don’t judge the book by it’s cover because the Pookas has a powerful ability to transform. Anyway, the Lumberjanes is an interesting story with the focus of friendship, and that’s something that a good story should have for a graphic novel.

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