Toy Review: Star Wars The Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader Figure (Hasbro)

” I find your lack of faith disturbing…” Since 1977 we have seen numerous Star Wars action figures from the likes of Kenner and Hasbro. From 3.75 5 points of […]

” I find your lack of faith disturbing…”

Since 1977 we have seen numerous Star Wars action figures from the likes of Kenner and Hasbro. From 3.75 5 points of articulation to 6 inch black series with multiple points of articulation. Hasbro has stepped up their game even further with the introduction of the Hyper Real series figures. 

What better way to start a series than with one of the most notorious Sith known across the galaxy, Darth Vader. First noticeable difference between this and his black series version is height standing in at 8 inches he towers over the Black Series figure.  Second thing I noticed was his suit a mixture of cloth, rubber, and plastic. Underneath all of this was a metal endoskeleton with multiple points of articulation this deserves a Hell Yes! because I never felt that it would break from harsh posing or removing the multiple sets of hands it comes with.  Although it has a ton of articulation it lacked the ability to pose the hands in different positions which could be the reason for multiple sets of gloved hands.  These include a force blocking hand, the classic force choke hand as well as sword holding hands. The sword hands I was able to use both to hold the lightsaber without any issue or forcing the saber into place this will be a plus when Luke is released for classic lightsaber fight poses of the Empire Strikes Back. The shoulder pads moved with the arms with no problems of hindering posing. The capes seem to be pretty durable and withstood being pulled from the plastic of the package with no noticeable snagging. The actual suit felt squishy and seemed to hold up well with play as well as when I tried to move it up the arm to show some of the metal skeleton.

Overall this was a great first-time figure to play with. I was able to manipulate him into classic movie poses with ease. The attention to the little details of the suit and belt were a refreshing change. There was not much to dislike about this figure. It would have been great to have articulated hands but where it lacks it makes up with the addition of extra hands. One other thing I would have like to have seen was the classic red eyes possibly even with light-up features. The price is around 80.00 which is worth it as you are getting quality instead of quantity. Compared to other lines in this style it matches well even outdoes the other brands especially with durability this could be a line to stick around for some time. I can only imagine what they will do as they add more and more characters to the line.

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