TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 10 – The Fallen (DC Universe)

How do the Titans come back from the HUGE events of the last episode? Dick Grayson was sentenced by Deathstroke to live in exile or else he would be forced […]

How do the Titans come back from the HUGE events of the last episode?

Dick Grayson was sentenced by Deathstroke to live in exile or else he would be forced to watch all of his Titans die one by one. In his attempt to do so he decided to attack some police officers in an airport. Grayson was arrested and sentenced to 7 years with no probation. We catch up with Conner and Krypto on the streets of San Fransico. Conner is on the run for attacking the officers on the streets in the last episode. Meanwhile, in the prison, a guard notices that Grayson was once a detective and takes him under his wing and offers him some protection in return for information. Grayson refuses and is sent to general population.

In the tower, Gar is feeling bad about what happened with Conner. He tries to reach out to Grayson to apologize and with no answer, he looks frustrated. The computer signals that there is a possible intruder and when Gar investigates he notices it is Krypto. During the same time, we see Donna calling Grayson to let him know that Rachel had run off. She let him know that she was still in the city waiting to see if Rachel would turn back up. We see Rachel had gone to a local soup kitchen and is taking care of herself. In the prison, Grayson is noticed that he was a cop and trouble is in store for him as the other inmates have but in a kill order. Gar meets up with Conner trying to clear the air with him. Gar tries to level with Conner about his past and try to atone for what they have done by helping others. That’s when Cadmus comes in and they run off.

Rachel’s new friend at the soup kitchen has a run-in with someone from her past. When Rachel tries to help the young girl getaway then her demon side takes over and chases him away. While the girls celebrate a part of her demon side posses a gargoyle and it flies off and attacks the boy. Back at the tower Cadmus attacks Conner and Gar. They tranquilized Gar once they saw him transform and trapped Krypto. Mercy tries to talk Conner down in an attempt to gain his trust to bring him in. Grayson hears his prison cellmates talking about escape and he tries to tell them it is not possible. They tell him the story about the Blue Wing that helps their villagers in the night, a Night Wing! (Nice foreshadowing!)

Grayson helps his cellmates escape after one was stabbed in the yard thus making things way worse for him. Donna returns to the tower seeing it in shambles. Mercy explains Mr. Luthor has put her in charge. Looks like the deck is being stacked for one helluva finale!

JQ gives this episode a 9 out of 10!! Things are about to go DOWN!!!

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