TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 11: E.L._.O (DC Universe)

Titans has taken us on a very wild ride this season. Episode 11 continues the ride and will also have you scratching your head. Each episode this season has taken […]

Titans has taken us on a very wild ride this season. Episode 11 continues the ride and will also have you scratching your head.

Each episode this season has taken us down a path of discovery about the Titans as a team and individuals. The last 3 episodes seem to be setting the chessboard for a grand finale. Although the interwebs have been saying Titans has lost its track, I have to disagree. Something BIG is brewing and it is about to boil over. With the announcement of Season 3 incoming you know they are going to give us just enough to satisfy our curiosity all while making us want more. At first, you see the title E.L._.O and you say huh, but after a few minutes into the episode it starts to make sense.

The episode starts off in Cadmus Labs with Gar on an operating table. He is being given a lobotomy and they are triggering his anger. Mercy is seen smiling every time he gets angry and his animal side begins to take over. His anger seems to be geared towards Rachel and the whole incident in the training room. Later in the episode, Gar is seen mauling one of his doctors to death. Seems that Mercy is making a new weapon. Meanwhile, in the prison Grayson is seen delusional with a sickness. The imaginary Bruce Wayne is back and is constantly berating Grayson and all of his decisions to this point. Grayson seems to have enough and loses his cool. This brings in many guards and he beats a few up before being handled. The mental fight between Bruce and Grayson is pretty cool to watch for all of those that this Bruce is too old, Glenn shows that he can still move!!

The female team members are all having these mysterious messages pop up. Donna is getting phone calls from Rachel. Dawn is hearing radio commercials while driving to San Fransico.  Kori’s TV shows her a strange commercial. Rachel is having visions. All of them are being directed to a place in Nevada called Elko’s Diner. One by one they all arrive and they feel like it is a setup. Could this be a trap from Deathstroke or a ploy by Grayson to seek amends? The bell to the diner rings and we see Bruce Wayne walk in. He was the mystery man who got them all to come together. He explains to them that they are a family and they need each other for the up and coming darkness. Only together can they come out whole.  As fast and as mysterious as Bruce arrives he leaves as the ladies scratch their heads in disbelief that he just walked out. As the girls get ready to leave, the TV turns on with a report that Grayson assaulted guards in prison. Now that they know where he is Rachel and Kori want to go save him. Donna and Dawn want to go help Gar so the team splits yet again.

Outside of Gotham City, Rose and Jason have been fighting crime and releasing some tension in the bedroom, Jason seems to connect and like Rose, however, Rose is still keeping her distance at an arm’s length and it is making Jason nervous. She wants to go to Wayne Manor and Jason says he is done with Bruce and wants to be his own person.  Rose asks Jason to reveal the real him. So he takes her to an upstairs portion of a theater where he lets her know about his childhood. After Rose is seen making a phone call to check in with someone we all saw she was reporting too. She has been the mole in the Tower for Deathstroke the whole time. Most people were waiting to see if this was, in fact, the truth since in the comics this situation was with Terra.

The stage seems to be set for what I can assume will be a Titans East vs Titans West comic-style battle. Now, this can all be speculation but I see a battle between friends before I see the team getting back together. Episode 11 sets up the board for not physical warfare but mental warfare! JQ gives Titans Season 2 Episode 11 a 7.8 out of 10. You really need to pay attention as there are a lot of details being spoken.

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