TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 12: Faux-Hawk (DC Universe)

With the Titans on the ropes, can they come back and right the sins of the past? After the revelation that Jericho is alive, we are taken back to the […]

With the Titans on the ropes, can they come back and right the sins of the past?

After the revelation that Jericho is alive, we are taken back to the day that Deathstroke stabbed Jericho. We are shown that as he was dying he jumped into Slade’s body. Jericho has been for the last five years tiring to escape Slade’s head. He cannot and as his grip gets stronger is starting to be able to control Slade’s movements. While this is going on Gar is seen at the local coffee shop. When all of a sudden Gar goes into a trance and starts to attack the coffee shop. He turns into a tiger and starts to maul everyone. It seems like the mind control from Cadmus os working and they are the puppet masters.

Donna and Dawn seek out the man they saw on the Titan’s Tower feed and question him with Donna’s lasso of truth. He admits that they lobotomized Gar and phase one is complete and that he doesn’t have the clearance to know phase two. Backed into a corner Donna and Dawn don’t know how to figure this out. So they figure out their options on who to call when Donna mentions Hank. Dawn does not approve of this and we are taken to a fight club where Hank as Hawk is seen beating up people. He is also taking drugs so he is not in his right frame of mind. Between the drugs and the beatings, Hank is in trouble.

Kori still having issues with her powers is obviously frustrated that they need to help Grayson. Rachel wants to find Grayson knowing that her visions are true wants to find him. Kori gets a message about Gar and starts to head back to San Fransico. Rachel is not happy with this choice and they argue. Kori not in control of her emotions apologizes. Rachel decides that going to help Gar is the best course of action. Jason and Rose are seen making lunch in the house they are squatting in. Jason gets a text from Rachel about Gar. Jason ignores the message and Rose tells him he should go. Rose knows if the Titans get back together Deathstroke will come after them. Jason scoffs at that notion and it seems that Rose wants to come clean and Jason brushes it off. In a flashback, we go back to when Rose found out about her powers and her father. We see the history of how Rose was seduced by Slade and became Ravager. During the flashback, we learn the plan and how Rose got tied up in all of this.  Rose tells Jason everything and it seems that Jason is in disbelief.

Slade is informed that the Titans are slowly reforming. With Grayson in the wind still, Slade knows eventually that he will come to the aide of his friends. Grayson arrives at Jericho’s home where his mother is waiting for him, knowing that he would come thereafter his revelation. Grayson is charged with one task and that is to bring Jericho back! Grayson visits an old friend who builds special suits. He is met with people upset that he burned his old suit. He is told that Master Wayne informed them he would be there and they show him his new suit (which we do not see…yet). Meanwhile, there is someone who stole Hank’s costume and is tarnishing his name. Turns out the costume was not stolen, in a bender, Hank sold it to a kid for $200 to score some drugs. This was a wake-up call and it seems he was scared straight by it.  At the end of the episode, Mercy comes to the rescue of the Cadmus worker that Donna and Dawn visited earlier. Once Mercy realizes what has happened she decides to move phase two up.

This episode seems to continue the board placements for a BIG finale!! JQ gives this episode an 8.8 out of 10! I really hope that we get to see Grayson in the Nightwing costume because let’s face it we know it is coming!

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