TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 13: Nightwing (DC Universe)

The board has been set, the finale is here. We have been waiting for this moment since season 1, will we finally get the Nightwing we all deserve? Before we […]

The board has been set, the finale is here. We have been waiting for this moment since season 1, will we finally get the Nightwing we all deserve?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this episode, I would like to first and foremost say thank you to DC for this amazing show! There are a few on the interwebs that think this show lacks something. For those naysayers, there is not much that more that Titans can do to please you. Titans has superseded all expectations that I thought this show could and has been.

Phase Two is in full effect and Mercy is showing NONE of her namesake. Mercy is showing off Conner to a global network of people on how Cadmus can make a super soldier for their armies.  His test sparks a lot of interest as the bids skyrocket. Mercy tells them all to tune in for a live demonstration soon. After the demonstration, Mercy makes Conner kill Walter, the agent that told Wonder Girl about Phase Two. We then are brought to a town fair where we see Gar mingling around. He is then triggered by Cadmus and from what we know this is not going to be a good sign. During this time in Titans Tower, the lady Titans are gathered around the table trying to find a way to save their friends. Kori comes clean that her powers are on the fritz and not working. Donna and Dawn then look towards Rachel who says that she may not have full control of her powers but is good to go and get their friends back!

While on the way to the fair to handle the emergency situation, the ladies are ambushed by Deathstroke on the street. He hits the car with grenades and a hail storm of bullets. Kori is hit and Titans duck down to avoid the bullets. They hear a loud thud on the roof and then we see what we have been waiting two seasons for, it is NIGHTWING to the rescue. Grayson taunts Slade by calling for Jericho which we know is being held hostage withing Slade’s mind. This action enrages Slade and he viciously attacks Grayson with all he has. This battle is epic beyond words. Nightwing pulls out his famous escrima sticks and starts to go to work against Deathstroke. Rose enters the battle in full Ravager costume. Slade thinking he has the advantage is hit blindly as Rose chooses the Titans over her father. Ravager and Nightwing continue their attack and Rose impales Deathstroke center mass. Jericho now has the opportunity to break free and jumps into Rose’s body. Grayson is able to speak to Jericho after all this time and Jericho explains to Grayson that he does not blame him for what happened. Deathstroke is left on the street lifeless. This was my only issue with the episode because those who know of Deathstroke will tell you this was way too easy.

Cadmus arrives at the fair to help subdue the threat from Gar. They unleash Conner. Conner toys with Gar in tiger form throwing him violently around the fairgrounds. The Titans finally arrive to help, Rachel goes after Gar and Donna, Kori, and Dawn go to try and stop Conner. Donna is chosen to go and talk sense into Conner but Cadmus’s grip on him is too strong. Conner and Donna exchange punches. During this mele, the live stream continues the bidding war when out of the blue Bruce Wayne interrupts the broadcast and stops this bidding. Lex finds out and instantly calls Mercy.

Rachel finally heals Gar the same way that he helped her during the battle against Trigon. Now that the Titans are all together they can team up to help Conner. Rachel’s soul-self helps Grayson enter Conner’s mind to try to fight what Mercy and Cadmus did to him. Grayson needs to help Conner find his good side. After they find it Conner snaps out of the fog and goes after Mercy. The remaining crowd slow claps the Titans as they have seemed to won the day!  That is when one of the structures damaged in the battle starts to buckle and fall towards Dawn and the crowd. Donna runs and holds the pillar up and it is electrified, Donna screams in agony as she is attempting to lower it out of the crowd’s way. This action proves fatal as Donna cannot recover from the electrocution. Donna is given a warriors goodbye as her casket is loaded into a plane headed from Themascyra. Rachel wants to go with them to see Donna off for the last time. Grayson says his goodbyes and tells Rachel that she will see them all again soon. As the plane takes off, Grayson sees Jason in the of the hanger. No words are exchanged as Jason drives off.

Bruce walks into the tower and speaks to Grayson about events that have happened and things to come. Grayson gets some sound advice from Bruce about how to handle loss and how to keep his team together. Grayson apologizes to Gar about leaving him, and Hank and Dawn try to reconcile but only decide to stay Hawk and Dove only. They all meet up for a family dinner where Grayson shares a fond memory of how Donna and he started as Titans. After he shares, they get a call to action and they all look around the table. Dare I say…Titans Together and they are off to action.  We get the quote “Money shot” as all the Titans are seen walking towards the camera for the end scene…or is it? There is a mid-credit scene that sets us up for next season and dare I speculate that Blackfire is coming for her sister!!

I had a BLAST reviewing this season of Titans! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 and the season gets a 9.8 out of 10! Sure there are some discrepancies but as a whole, this show is entertaining and action-packed!

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