TV Review: Titans: Season 2, Episode 9 – Atonement (DC Universe)

The Grayson lets out a truth bomb about the actual events of the Deathstroke encounter and the fall out is HUGE! One by one the Titans leave Grayson due to […]

The Grayson lets out a truth bomb about the actual events of the Deathstroke encounter and the fall out is HUGE!

One by one the Titans leave Grayson due to the lie. Only Gar stays behind and gives Grayson hope that soon they will forgive and forget. As Kori leaves she finds out that back on Tamaran Blackfire has taken the crown and has ordered Kori to be killed. Each set of Titans is dealing with the situation as they know it and they are all confused as to why Grayson lied. Grayson is packing to leave the tower and tells Gar to man the fort and keep an eye on Conner while he is away.

In the next scenes, we see Gar having a Ferris Bueler’s Day off montage in the Tower. He has a goal to save the Titans and is using a phone to log the days and events. Only a few days in Gar starts to get bored out of his mind. Then we see Hank and Dawn trying to fix up their cabin in Wyoming. Hank is frustrated with the restorations to the cabin and Dawn wants to go out and find something to do.  We go back to Titans Tower and Gar is shocked when Conner awakens and starts to question where and why he is there.  Gar tried to reach out to Bruce Wayne per Grayson’s request to notify him of Conner’s awakening.  Conner gets the tour of the tower from Gar and he tries to work out, this is where Gar notices his strength.

Dawn and Hank run into a family member of the boy that Dr. Light killed and the town blames them. Meanwhile, Kori and her bodyguard get attacked by a strange substance while gassing up. Grayson goes to Jericho’s house to make amends and apologize for what happened to Jericho.  Grayson explains what his motives were looking for retribution. Mrs. Wilson does not accept his apology and she sends him away, but before he leaves she tells him to seek another avenue for his redemption. Grayson then sees Slade in the next room. Slade is reveling in his victory of dismantling the Titans. Slade tells Grayson the only way this ends is if he exiles himself. As he leaves Slade says to Grayson that if he ever puts the Titans together he will kill all of them.

Meanwhile, during a tour of San Francisco, Conner and Gar are sightseeing.  Gar is talking about the hero gig the Titans do and they hear a man screaming for help. Gar tries to stop Conner from interfering but he instinctively acts and it starts a chain reaction. Conner just tore up the streets fighting the police. Conner snaps out of it and realizes he may have just messed up. Back in Wyoming, Hank wants to leave everything, obviously rattled with guilt he does not know how to cope.  Kori finds out that her sister has taken over her friend and we get a semi face to face between Starfire and Blackfire.

The Titans are still hurting and it looks like they have a long way to go to recover. Some seem to be reverting back to old ways.  Gar trying to get a hold of Grayson to explain what happened but cannot because instead of flying out, Grayson decided to go a different route for solitude!

JQ gives this episode an 8.5 out of 10 this was one that was just okay but still awesome to watch!

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