Comic Review: Justice League #37 (DC Comics)

It’s part 8 of the Justice /Doom War, and for all intents and purposes, it is a literal war as all of the heroes and all of the villains from […]

It’s part 8 of the Justice /Doom War, and for all intents and purposes, it is a literal war as all of the heroes and all of the villains from all of time and space clash!

With the armies of Doom and the armies of Justice face-off, the core members of the League hatch a plan to reconnect with the people of Earth and restore hope in the midst of cosmic despair. What becomes of the Legion of Doom? What becomes of the Justice League? How can the league successfully restore faith into the universe amongst the grips of Doom?

We’re only two more issues away from Snyder wrapping up his run on Justice League, and it certainly feels that way. Everything that Snyder has developed since the beginning of his run has culminated to this last arc, cramming in as much as possible within this issue. Whether it’s interactions with the various Leagues from time and space or the power of Perpetual and Luthor, Snyder attempts to dump as much story as possible to get the very best out of this arc.

This issue definitely has some fun moments where readers get to witness the various armies of Justice trade blows with the armies of Doom. There are some very quirky moments with other characters and some very enjoyable scenes between different characters that made this series worth reading since its inception. If there is anything that I’d complain about, it’s that the Year of the Villain tie one just feel disconnected from this series, making it feel as though there isn’t as much impact as there should be. At times it feels like it wore out it’s welcome to a certain degree, but that doesn’t mean there was no good stories that came out of that neither (such as Detective Comics to name a few). Snyder swings for the fences and tries to deliver everything that he had in development, providing some good payoffs for majority of this book. But what really makes this issue shine the most, is the stupendous art!

Jorge Jimenez returns in this issue to provide his amazing illustrative work, that always makes any issue of Justice League enjoyable. Jimenez renders each action set piece and character interactions with fantastic line work, delivering some solid layouts that continue to make this book appeal, especially in this issue. Coupled with Alejandro Sanchez’s vibrant colors and Tom Napolitano’s letters, Jimenez’s work just leaps off the page, making everything that Snyder has written to be ten times more enjoyable. There’s no denying that this issue is worth adding to your pull list for new comic book day, and with two issues left, it’s one that is not to be missed as this series nears the end.

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