Comic Review: Ronin Island Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios bring you a historical journey in the 19th Century of all Asia about some survivors who reside in an island in Ronin Island on its first volume. This […]

BOOM! Studios bring you a historical journey in the 19th Century of all Asia about some survivors who reside in an island in Ronin Island on its first volume.

This graphic novel takes on an adventure of a historical Asian setting with some big sights in a fantasy world. Even so, this comic is very appealing to children and teens. The story is written by Greg Pak and it was drawn by Giannis Milonogiannis. However, there’s isn’t anything bad about this comic because I witnessed this comic before and it’s one of the most epic historical and adventurous stories that I’ve ever read.

The front cover shows nothing less than our two main characters standing strong on the battlefield against the enemy. They seemed young, however, youth is one of a kind of life that you’ll ever experience. The artwork is really great too, I can see why the illustrator illustrates the story that easy so the readers can follow through. Now, I heard of this comic before, and this story actually takes the cake for a reason. It’s about some survivors who survived in a war and now resides in a stranded island then later it made as to their home, a civilization of islanders. However, the island has some preference because the island has a guardian and the guardian fought to the end to protect it from evil. There are two children from different Asian countries who are taking the graduation test to be the guardian of Ronin Island, an important tradition that needed to be tested in strength to protect the island and soon to share the fate of the previous guardians. Even though things went so far, until some samurai group from the Shogunate arrived for help, and some mutated monsters attacked the village and the farm. It’s up for the islanders to fight and defend the island.

The storyline is great, even though there are some different kind of relationship to the characters, even though the main characters were rivals, then called one of them a traitor, and now they’re fighting together. Now about the monsters, they’re called Byonin, they’re are mutated humans that transformed into monsters, more like zombies or what you’ve seen at the end of season three of The Dragon Prince when Viren transforms his human soldiers into fire golem monsters, whatever black magic he pulls through. Forgive me for bringing the spoilers though, and I hope you’ll catch up. And somehow they found out who’s behind the attacks and it was some doctor who had the people as patients and used the gas as if like its experimenting biotechnology. But anyway, I’m going to conclude this review, the story is great, and the artwork is much more amusing to see how the characters interact, and the environment is something else. Because of my experience, I’ve seen better landscapes, from what I take the pictures from cities, nature, civilization and transformed into a fictional world. Here in this comic, the environment made into much more life between the island to the towns and the stronghold. If you rather want to read a good story that has more historical vibes in Asia, then this graphic novel is just for you.

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