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 Winter has finally come! The last and final season of  Game of Thrones is now on Blu-Ray and DVD.  The final six episodes bring to together both the Great war […]

 Winter has finally come!

The last and final season of  Game of Thrones is now on Blu-Ray and DVD.  The final six episodes bring to together both the Great war with the Night King and his White Walkers and the Last War for control of the Iron Throne.

Season Eight was one of the most controversial seasons of the series. The first half of the season focused on the Night King and White Walker battle with Jon Snow and Company. Although this was an epic battle keeping you just on the edge of your seat it still lacked some of the earlier seasons pizazz. It lacked closure. There was no explanation as to why the Night King wanted to destroy Westeros in the first place. Those who lost their lives in the battle included Theon Greyjoy, Lyanna Mormont, Beric Dondarrion, Melisandra, Dolorous Edd, and finally the guy who had anything but good luck Jorah Mormont. How fitting that Arya Stark is the one to destroy the Night King and end the battle. The Sex Scene Between Arya and Gendry stirred the pot having people cringing thinking she is just a mere child. when in fact if you follow the story she is 18 at the time. Besides, do you blame someone who’s most likely marching to their death for wanting to experience sex before dying?

After the battle, Daenerys presses for everyone to move on to attack the Iron Throne and Queen Cersei. Jamie Lannister rushes back to be by his queen’s side in hopes to convince her to leave Kings Landing with him. The Hound rushes to meet his long-awaited confrontation with his brother The Mountain. Jon and company invade the city on the ground while Daenery’s takes her dragon into battle. Iron Throne Soldiers begin to surrender and the bell tolls marking their surrender. This did not prevent Danery’s from continuing on and in her rage began to destroy the entire city and everyone in it.  This forced Jon into a choice and he destroys the mad queen. The ending has Bran becoming the king of the Iron Throne and Sansa claiming the North as its own entity. Jon is sentenced to life at the Kings Watch, and Tyrion Becomes the king’s hand by Bran’s choice.

Although this should have been one of the best seasons, it felt more like a bad wrestling promo that was very predictable and had the hero turn heel, the new hero destroy the heel story followed by the hero punished for doing what is right.  The story had so much potential and could have gone in other directions. It felt rushed, sloppy, and not well thought out like those who wrote it were unsure of how to finish the storylines.  It had its epic moments with multiple showdowns though and if you have seen all the other seasons it wouldn’t feel right not to watch the final season.  The exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray with sigil makes it worth buying just to add to your collection. Season 8 is available now for purchase.

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