Comic Review: Sea of Stars Vol. 1: Lost In The Wild Heavens (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases a graphic novel which involves adventures of sea creatures in space in Sea of Stars on its first volume. I was going to say the Star Ocean […]

Image Comics releases a graphic novel which involves adventures of sea creatures in space in Sea of Stars on its first volume.

I was going to say the Star Ocean because everything in space seemed to be surrounded by ocean and stars around. But this is a surprise because if you’re out of space to a different universe you’re going to see the most magical adventure that you’ll ever experience. The story is written by Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum and illustrated by Stephen Green. And mostly as long you’ll start reading you might get a chance to know what space is truly like.

The front cover shows a magnificent piece of art where the sea creatures are roaming around in space, and the artist chose to paint one of the clearest paintings in all landscape art. And we have the main character which is a boy who looked very excited about his adventure, but the downside, the boy gets bored for going outer space with his father, going to that later. And the sea creature is a Leviathan in space. Umm, where are the summoners at when we need them? Ok, so the starts of a flying vessel from outer space and like I said, the boy named Kadyn was bored going to space like hell, however, the boy has some sense of adventure of experiencing something phenomenal like black holes or exploding stars. I believe that space is actually a wonderful world, however, when he started wandering around the ship, he finds some fossils of sea creatures, he encountered a bigger fish. And when everything is under control, a giant sea monster which is a Leviathan, soaring into space, destroying their ship, and the boy survived and stranded. His father survived and determined to find his son, even so, venturing outer space is actually an obstacle for both of them. There are monsters everywhere, however, Kadyn is enjoying himself and his adventure. But I wonder, how will those two survive in space?

The story seemed to be very creative at first because this is the first comic that included some sea creatures in outer space, let’s not forget the aliens and some strange monkeys who like to eat human flesh. And somehow, the creators actually created their own world for the enlightenment for the readers. I’m very surprised at first that they’re creating an environment where aliens are living together and they loathe against humans. However, I never expected that the kid has some power in him. You know, the story almost more to have some turning events around between father and son, Like the Broly movie from Dragon Ball series, but there are two different kinds of stories between the Legendary Super Saiyan and a Saiyan who turned out to be a mischief warrior. Even so, he and his father survived in the depths of space. Well, the art is much likely more realistic and full of detail to what you call this comic a sci-fi genre, but it’s still amazing to portray the characters and the monsters alike. Kadyn seemed so innocent at first, but his father is more like a rebel than anyone. Either way, this is actually a good story for sci-fi readers, if you rather want to read something more amazing to explore outer space, then this is for you.

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