Comic Review: Stranger Things: Zombie Boys TPB (Dark Horse Comics)

Dark Horse Comics releases a graphic novel of Stranger Things where a few teenage boys wanted to be as zombies in Zombie Boys. You know, I feel like I’ve seen […]

Dark Horse Comics releases a graphic novel of Stranger Things where a few teenage boys wanted to be as zombies in Zombie Boys.

You know, I feel like I’ve seen enough the strangest things around the neighborhood, even why does every part of social life is becoming so strange in the first place? Teenagers are going for the Juul electronic cigarette, people using social media, hate crimes, I definitely loathe against humans. But there are some things that became so very interesting to me since I’m an artist. Stranger Things Zombie Boys is actually becoming a turn of event where every boy wanted to become death incarnate, and the point is that they’re making a film out of it. The story is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Valeria Favoccia. And oh boy, let me tell you I haven’t even gone through the story yet, so let’s get to it.

The front cover of this comic shows a group of boys is doing a role-play of zombies attacking against humans, and they’re defending themselves, like the boy in the middle is filming it. This concept kind of reminds me of the Treehouse of Horror episode from The Simpsons where Bart became a vampire and then he and his friends are about to eat Lisa just to make her a vampire as well, oh and let’s not forget Mr. Burns where his shadow is playing tricks. Also, the illustration shows a lot of movement between the characters because the thing that they wanted to become zombies is that they should become more intimidating as ever. So, in the beginning, we have our boy named Will who likes to draw a picture of scary stuff, playing D&D and hanging out with his friends. However, at night, he starts drawing a comic about supernatural stories, even narrating himself the worst thing that happened last year when a monster abducted him and thew him in another dimension. I just think that it just happened or maybe it’s just his own fantasies because some bullies at school called him a freak because he’s a fan of supernatural stuff. While on the way, his friends are at an Audio Visual club at school studying until some transfer student came up to the club and had an idea of making a movie coming from Will’s drawings. But for what cost, the fact that Will is becoming more weirder or the fact that he’s having trouble dealing with his fears and anxiety. But in the end, it turned out to be something far more special for the children from the boys who made a zombie movie.

The fact that this story made it that so scary is that, these boys are having fun, even making a movie which involves zombies made it more fun as ever. I can’t imagine why reading this comic makes more interesting than watching The Living Dead on Netflix. However, this comic is more like coming up with some ideas for students and encourage them to make movies as their own school project. Anyway, to wrap this up, the story may be interesting, the art, however, seemed too real, even when the children are that enthusiastic about making a zombie movie, even though at the front cover, I like the concept where the artist made the first three characters color their skin in green and acting very scary to his friend. However, the transfer student is almost like becoming the second Steven Spielberg. As long as every other animator should learn something from those children to know what it meant to make an episode of their series. But anyway, this comic is a great read, and if you rather want something that is more fun for the children who do their best making a movie, then this is for you.

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