Comic Review: Die Vol. 2: Split The Party (Image Comics)

Image Comics continues its very tabletop role-playing game which involved everyone to play the game of death in DIE on its second volume. So far, I’ve experienced one of the […]

Image Comics continues its very tabletop role-playing game which involved everyone to play the game of death in DIE on its second volume.

So far, I’ve experienced one of the tabletop RPG games like D&D, and whatever if every story turned to be too real of an actual RPG game just like video games. Well, I haven’t got the time to catch up with the story because the world that they’re on to is more like surviving in a mysterious realm of no return. And I just left it forgotten, without telling what drives the story to the readers and the concept and details that the artist went on creating this comic. Well, I’m here to reveal that right now. The whole story is written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Stephanie Hans. Kieron is a writer based in London who worked alongside the artist Stephanie with one of their previous works of The Wicked + The Divine, and both of them are very oriented in making a fantasy story that they’re experiencing on playing D&D. At least there is something similar to them to make a tabletop RPG game of a comic book, so I’m gonna go to the comic.

The front cover shows the whole party of players of the game which are now equipped with some weapons and armor to protect themselves. The artist added a few details on the characters and the background which makes the front cover more serious, and one of the main characters on the lower side has a flame across her eye, like she’s all fired up, or is it’s natural to harvest a spell to manifest fire? I don’t know. So picking up where I left off from the previous issues like I explained that everything started when the teenagers played with some strange dice and transported into a different world, just until 20 years later, they went back again. They went back to find Solomon, and the adventure continues where Ash and her party captured him. And as you can see after all the years that Sol had been corrupted, he still trapped in that world, even so, he’s the one who created that world, which is more like one of the magic relics that transforms into a fantasy world full of magic and monsters, just like the magic book from Final Fantasy Tactics series. Meanwhile, the other adventurers are going some exploring the knowledge of that world, by revisiting the places and people that they know, even so, destiny is upon them to know that you could see the light at the end of a cave. But the real question is when does their journey ever end?

The thing about this comic is that the whole story is portraying much more of D&D whenever there is something different between the characters and the world. This whole experience for reading this book is too epic that you’ll know what will happen next. Many other media of RPGs are like that, and it gives something more amazing, to begin with. However, this story is like finding an old friend. I don’t know what else to explain, but the world itself is transforming to a different place, on the first few pages, we find some robots and cyborgs and even an armored dragon that looked like one of the Megazord from power rangers and some sci-fi related. But anyway, it’s a great comic to read and a real epic one. If you rather want to read a comic of a different world, full of adventure, then this is for you.

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