Dark Horse Comics and Webtoon continues our very journey of a girl from a space colony living her life on earth on Space Boy on its sixth volume.

Ok, so the story can get any further even though, the last volume brought a lot of drama than the rest. However, things had gotten strange after some occurring events that happened to everyone’s life, even so, nobody is perfect, isn’t it? Flavors don’t matter but the story will or does the flavors are going to get rotten after seeing the expiration date.

On the front cover of the sixth volume shows Zeph wearing winter clothes and going around with the sleigh board for the snow. Luckily the whole background of the comic shows that it’s snowing around town, and it shows Amy’s house around the background. Then again, what was Zeph doing there at her house? Oooh noo… Zeph’s a dork. So picking up from the last volume, we left off where Amy and Cassie are buying some clothes for the Homecoming dance at their school, right until Cassie called her boyfriend to look at her dress, and he suddenly breaks up with her out of the blue, because somehow she’s very manipulative with people, I dunno. So the question is, why is she warns Amy not to see that mysterious boy Oliver that gives some bad vibes to people? She never met him, and for some reason, his guardians are too overprotective with him. And then lastly, we left off where Amy is having a sleepover at Cassie’s house, crying and moaning about that break-up. When she woke up in the living room, she met Cassie’s brothers saying that the sunlight is for the cat to snuggle there. And then there’s that Spirit Week that Amy mentioned that mostly it’s a high school student’s event where they wear some funny clothes for the week. It’s stupid, but we get to see the character designs of their clothing. Amy wears an outfit that Cassie borrowed which is almost looked like some girl in the urban streets of my neighborhood, Zeph wears a sumo outfit which is ridiculous and I dunno, I’m getting off track here, let move on with the story.

When Amy got back to school she asked some art teacher about Oliver, and it seemed that no one knows who he is, but the art teacher knew him and portrays himself as another student named “Peter Smith.” Anyway, she’s having some trouble reaching with Oliver, last time that they saw each other is that the government is threatening him to not reveal his secrets just to kill Amy, and then they parted ways. Meanwhile, David morns over about the break up with Cassie and Amy tries to cheer him up, well that’s life what do you think? However the whole thing is every one of her friends were having a bad time, Oliver is sitting on the top of the bridge, minding his own business while I try to get ahead of myself by replaying the cutscenes of all the times where Roxas and his friends are sitting there eating ice cream at the clock tower of Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts. As long as I don’t think of anyone that humans are disgusting, I rather sit on the top of the tower thinking about my current life that I’m going through while eating MY favorite ice cream, thank you very much. Speaking of him, Oliver was sitting there at the bridge for everyone to think that he’s a terrorist for planting a bomb until the police told him to come down and took him home with Dr. Kim. FUN FACT, just a little kind of trivia here, that Dr. Kim IS BUILDING ANDROIDS OUT OF A HUMAN FLESH! And even so, the story takes out a history lesson between World War III as if anything exists in space, which involves a mysterious object that had landed on planet Earth. And then it introduced a facility called the First Contract Project that began to build the spaceship called the Arno.

The next day, the whole town is snowing and Amy caught in surprise that this is her first time seeing the snow on this planet. After going around with the excitement, she ran into David’s rival, Scott, the same douche from volume 3, harasses Amy and threatening her to give him two hundred dollars for the mess that he went through, and then Oliver punched him that hard by breaking his glasses. And afterward, a few days later, Dr. Kim just moved away for a family emergency.

The thing about the story is that it’s too captivating for the readers, that there are a few ups and downs for the characters. It seems like the flavor is going on an expiration date or going to be rotten. There are things that can’t completely comprehend, like how Dr. Kim is building androids for the facility to press forward with their mission. Of course, Oliver is the primary object for them, there is something mysterious about the boy as if the whole spaceship is connected to the boy, then again what is with the mysterious door on Dr. Kim’s house from the fourth volume, what’s inside there? Now, the story is taking on a primary setting about Amy and Oliver. And again there are some hilarious events throughout the story, like Zeph is becoming an idiot all of a sudden because he just asked Amy to go to a dance with him. Dude, why is he so interested with Amy all of a sudden, she has a crush on Oliver, or so they said, Amy, is just trying to connect with Oliver like a normal human being. Even so, she observed his flavor as orange with a hint of cinnamon, whenever he fights against Scott. It’s strange how he hides his true colors, even though no one knows where he came from. Where the story actually comes from focuses about a sense of therapy to learn something from Oliver and have him to act more human again, but there are more things of him than meets the eye. Well, if you rather want to find out more about the story, then this is for you.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.