Toy Review: Batman Toy Assortment (Spin Master)

Spin Master hits the ground running with the introduction of the first wave of Batman themed toys! It was announced last year that Mattel was losing the license to DC […]

Spin Master hits the ground running with the introduction of the first wave of Batman themed toys!

It was announced last year that Mattel was losing the license to DC Comics in the collector’s market and the evergreen toys. The collector’s went to McFarlane Toys, while the evergreen went to Spin Master. Spin Master has become a major competitor in the toy market, but really didn’t have much for boys toys. Well that’s all changed with the Batman line they have recently introduced.

Spin Master was nice enough to send us a couple of things to check out, so let’s take a look at them:

BATMAN, Classic Mask

This is a basic slip over Batman mask. There is a little difference in the design here. I’ve seen a lot of these type of Batman masks, but this is really superior to previous manufacturers. What makes it superior is the fact this mask has cushioning in the nose and an adjustable strap, to make it really comfortable for anyone to wear.

12-Inch Rebirth Tactical BATMAN Action Figure

The big figures are in with kids. Spin Master does a great job here. The design is based on Greg Capullo’s art from his and Scott Synder’s Batman run. Spin Master made some changes to make it look like a battle suit. It’s really a cool design. There’s also a plastic cape attached to the back. The cape is wide enough to not get in the way of movement. The figure has about 11 points of articulation so this seriously increases playtime. 

12-Inch Rapid Change Utility Belt BATMAN Deluxe Action Figure

This one is a twist on the 12-Inch figures. The costume design is the same as the Rebirth Tactical Batman, but there are additions on his utility belt. The belt holds 3 weapons. You place the weapons into the slots around the belts. Then you squeeze Batman’s legs together. This will make the belt revolve and Batman’s hand will grab a weapon. You then get lights and sounds. Batman is able to say up to 30 different phrases. I swear I think the voice is Batman: The Animated Series actor Kevin Conroy. If it’s not, it sure sounds a lot like him. Check out this video of the figure in action:

4-Inch Rebirth Tactical BATMAN Action Figure

It’s amazing that big things come in small packages. The 4-inch version of the Rebirth Tactical Batman is as detailed as its 12-inch larger brother. And there are also about 11 points of articulation here as well! Now the 4-inch line comes 3 mystery accessories. Depending on what accessories you get, depends on which mission your hero will go on: Carnival Chaos, Harbor Defender, Sky Detective or Arkham Asylum Escape. I like these mystery accessories because it’s like the blind boxes that are so popular. Of course, the accessories can be mixed and matched with the figures as you want to. The figure also has a hole in the cape you can plug things into the back of the figure. In our case, it was a jetpack with batwings. Each figure comes with a guide so you can see the rarity of the accessories. Plus all figures come with a collectible card as well!

Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle

The perfect vehicle for your 4-inch action figures. The Batmobile has such a very menacing design to it. It really looks more like a tank than a car, but this makes sense as it’s Batman’s war on crime. There is a flip-up canopy that allows you to put a figure in and then roll them to dispense justice. If a villain trying to get away on water, then simply flip the canopy up again, and pull out the Batboat! This is really a great multipurpose vehicle. Lots of fun play here!

Bottom line, this is a great start for Spin Master to introduce the DC Comic universe to a whole new generation of future fans. I know a lot of people are going to complain that we are getting more Batman products, but Batman is one of DC Comics’ most popular characters, so it makes sense to have a line of Batman products. So far this is a great first release and I can’t wait to see what Spin Master comes up with next!

Thank you very much to Spin Master for sending these awesome toys to us to check out!

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